Applying to Graduate

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Your degree is not automatically awarded when you have satisfied all general university graduation requirements and the requirements for your major. In order to officially graduate and receive your diploma, you must submit a graduation application.

It is important to remember that participating in the Commencement Ceremony and graduating are two separate events. You must both apply to graduate and register to walk at Commencement. Walking at Commencement does not mean you have officially graduated.

Undergraduate students 

In order to complete your graduation application, you need to make an appointment with your advisor. Graduation applications are due by the third Friday of the quarter in which you wish to graduate. If you are pursuing a double major or double degree, you will need to make an appointment with advisors for both degree programs.

You can apply to graduate when you are within 45 credits of completing your degree. If you will complete your degree requirements in summer quarter but wish to participate in the June commencement, you must apply by the spring quarter deadline.

Graduation requirements

Generally, in order to graduate with a bachelor's degree you must earn at least 180 credits with a 2.0 cumulative GPA for coursework completed at UW Tacoma. Your academic program and major will have specific requirements you must meet; see your major's website or consult your adviser for details. In addition to any requirements of your major, you must also satisfy all general university graduation requirements.


If you have declared a minor but it does not appear on your graduation application, it will be removed. On the other hand, if you do list a minor on your graduation application, you must complete that minor or drop it officially, or you will not graduate. This protects you from being graduated when you intended to continue on in order to complete the minor.


Undergraduate students may be eligible for the Quarterly/Annual Dean's List, and may be awarded Baccalaureate Honors, or Faculty Honors upon graduation, if they meet certain criteria for eligibility. 

Graduate students

You must submit your master’s degree request online. You may submit a request from the first day of the quarter you expect to graduate until the Sunday (midnight Pacific Time) of the ninth week of the quarter you expect to graduate. If degree requirements are not met in the requested quarter, you must submit another degree request for the quarter in which you expect to complete requirements. Your department may require an earlier request submission date; please consult your department.

Completing your master’s degree request

  • When completing the master’s degree request, a degree audit will automatically run and inform you of any unsatisfied Graduate School requirements.
  • You will receive an email confirming receipt of your master’s degree request and your department will be notified through MyGradProgram that a request has been submitted.
  • Your department will enter any contingencies into MyGradProgram and will send an email to notify you of the departmental contingencies. Your department will then print the master’s degree warrants and the warrants will be routed to your master’s committee.
  • By signing the master’s degree warrants, your committee certifies that you have met all departmental requirements for the degree (except the thesis if one is required) and the warrants are placed in your department file.
  • Once the warrants have been signed, the department will recommend whether or not you are to graduate that quarter and these recommendations are conveyed to the Graduate School. An email will be sent to notify you that your department has made a recommendation on your request.
  • Once the Graduate School receives the degree request recommendation, it will conduct a final transcript audit to determine if all Graduate School and department contingencies have been met.
  • After the final audit is complete, the Graduate School enters the final graduation decision into MyGradProgram and an email notification is sent to inform you of your graduation status.