Applying to Graduate

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In order to officially graduate and receive a diploma, students must submit a graduation application. Degrees are not automatically awarded when degree requirements are satisfied.

Participating in the Commencement Ceremony and graduating are two separate events. Students must both apply to graduate and register to walk at Commencement. Walking at Commencement does not mean a student has officially graduated.

Undergraduate students 

Undergraduate students must meet with their academic advisor to complete a graduation application. Graduation applications are due by the third Friday of the quarter in which a student intends to graduate. Students pursuing a double major or double degree must meet with advisors for both degree programs.

Students can apply to graduate within 45 credits of completing their degree. Students intending to complete degree requirements in summer quarter must apply by the spring quarter deadline to be eligible to register for the Commencement Ceremony.

Graduation requirements

To graduate with a bachelor's degree, students must earn a minimum of 180 credits with a 2.0 cumulative GPA or higher for coursework completed at UW Tacoma. Additionally, students must meet their major requirements and satisfy all general university graduation requirements. Student can run a degree audit through their MyUW to track their progress.


If a minor is listed on the graduation application, the student must either complete the minor or drop the minor officially before they can graduate. This prevents students from being graduated when they intend to complete the minor. If a minor is declared but does not appear on the graduation application, it will be removed.

Graduate students

Students receiving a Master’s degree or a Doctoral degree need to contact the Graduate Enrollment Management Services (GEMS) at or 685.2630 for graduation deadlines.