UW Tacoma Returning Student Re-enrollment Process

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UW Tacoma undergraduate students who If you were previously enrolled at UW Tacoma and wish to re-enroll, you are required to submit a Returning Student Application and pay a $60 application fee by the application deadline to be re-admitted. Applications for re-admission are accepted up to two weeks prior to the start of the requested quarter of admission.

Students who have attended UW Seattle or UW Bothell, but have not attended UW Tacoma, will need to fill out a transfer application.

What is a returning student?

  • if a UW Tacoma student has not completed courses at UW Tacoma for two quarters in a row (not including summer quarter), the former UW Tacoma student will need to re-apply as a returning student using the online Returning Student Application.
  • If a UW Tacoma student has withdrawn from a quarter and does not enroll in the following quarter, or is not enrolled in two consecutive quarters (not including summer), he or she will be considered a returning student, which will trigger the need to submit a Returning Student Application online.

Note: Former UW Tacoma graduate students should contact their program advisor and the graduate school for information about re-applying. (Graduate students who are returning from official on-leave status are not required to fill out a Returning Student Application. See Graduate On-Leave for on-leave eligibility, procedures for requesting leave and information about reinstatement.)

What is not a returning student?

  • Students applying to enter the University for the first time or in a new category may not apply as returning students. Instead, they should consult the information about the appropriate category: undergraduate, which includes post-baccalaureates, graduate; professional or non-matriculated undergraduate.

If you need additional information about returning to the University of Washington Tacoma as a returning student, please email reguwt@uw.edu.

What is required for re-admission?

  • Complete the Returning Student Application online
  • Pay the $60 non-refundable fee
  • If you have attended any college or university since you have left UW Tacoma, you will need to send in your official transcript at the time of application to the Office of Admissions for evaluation, prior to re-admission to the university.
  • If you have also attended a college, university or post-secondary school outside of the U.S. we will need official transcripts from that school, along with a translation if the transcript is not in English, and a course-by-course evaluation from AACRAO or a NACES approved educational credentialing service such as WES or FIS.
  • If you have not attended UW Tacoma for a number of years, you will required to submit all of your educational transcripts from your previous schools, if we no longer have your records.
  • You will also need to submit transcripts for any coursework you completed after your last enrollment at UW Tacoma. (If you attended one of the other UW campuses, UW Tacoma does not require those transcripts.)

Learn more about requesting transcripts

Readmission Criteria

Readmission is granted at the discretion of the University. Factors which may be considered when determining eligibility for readmission include, but are not limited to:

  • Registration or transcript holds
  • Previous academic achievement
  • Prior disciplinary action

Note: You must return to the same academic program you were enrolled in when you left. If you wish to apply to another major, you may do so after re-admission by contacting your academic advisor to submit a change of major request.

Readmission Process

After re-enrollment applications are reviewed, students will be emailed if additional action is needed before a re-admission decision can be made.

  • The Office of the Registrar will send a confirmation letter to students upon re-admission with next steps about enrollment.

Matriculated students readmitted to the University via the Returning Student process do not register for classes until Registration Period II.


Be advised that students returning to the University may not necessarily be readmitted under their previous residency classification. It is highly suggested that you check your tuition statement to ensure the tuition rate and fees are charged correctly. Students should be prepared to complete any necessary application and documents required to correct their classification with the Registrar's Office at UW Tacoma.

Returning after Graduation

Students who have graduated either from the University of Washington Tacoma or from another institution may return to the University in a new admission status or as a summer-only non-matriculated student. The appropriate application for the corresponding new status must be completed and submitted to the appropriate admission office.

Students wanting to complete another undergraduate degree will need to apply as a post-baccalaureate student through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Students who want to pursue a graduate degree or admission as a Graduate non-matriculated student will need to apply through the appropriate academic department. Application fees must be paid for each application.

Additional Information

Please be aware that the UW email and/or UW Office 365 email & productivity platform account(s) and data that you create with your UW email address are temporary and will expire when you graduate and/or separate from UW. However, you do have the ability to forward your UW email address to a personal, non-UW email address as a student and upon separation from the University.