Resisting Aggression with Defense (RAD) for Men

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The program's primary focus is the realistic development of basic self-defense options for men, before and during imminent or actual assault.

You will learn

  • Recognize aggressive behavior
  • How to avoid aggressive behavior
  • Physical self-defense techniques

RAD has a lifetime return policy. Once you successfully complete a RAD class, you can refresh your skills by attending any RAD class, anywhere, for free for the rest of your life. The primary reason we are offering these classes are for our students, however faculty, staff, friends, family and anyone else interested are more than welcome and encouraged to attend.

This course is open to men only. We also offer a Rape Aggression Defense course for women.

Dates and cost:

This is a 12-hour class completed in two sessions of six hours each. The total cost is $6 per person and includes both sessions and a printed handbook. Location will be sent to you after registration.

  • Spring  Quarter 2017 TBA

To register for this program or for more information, please contact Campus Safety and Security at 253-692-4416 or email