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UW has chosen Panopto as our new lecture capture software! Panopto provides an all-in-one interface to record screen content and video of the instructor simultaneously and can be used in classrooms on campus that are equipped with a built-in video recording system or from any PC or laptop.  The presenter has the option to record video or audio only along with PowerPoint and/or screen capture.Panopto offers educators a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for flipping the classroom, recording lectures, video management, and more.

When can I use it?

You can use it now! In fact, it is all setup for your autumn quarter courses. You can login and start recording today!

Support & Training

Want to learn how to use Panopto?  We have a Panopto Administrator on campus! Send email requests to:

Panopto Instructor Tutorials (Created by UW Bothell)

Panopto FAQ Center (Getting Started, Moving from Tegrity etc.)


Easily record pre-lecture videos

There's no easier way to record pre-lecture videos than with Panopto. In just a few mouse clicks, faculty members can record webcam video, slide presentations, screencasts and more from any laptop.

Share videos and assignments

Every pre-lecture video and assignment recorded with Panopto can be uploaded into your university's Panopto library and automatically shared through your university's LMS. Students can easily find and watch videos on any laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Flip your class from the field

Panopto's mobile apps make it easy to record micro-lectures and assignments from the field. Every recording can be easily uploaded into your university's video library and LMS for sharing with students.

Measure student engagement

Faculty and administrators can easily view reports that show how many students watched each video, how long students watched videos before dropping off, which students watched each video, and more.

Add interactivity to flipped class videos

Panopto makes it easy to embed quizzes, polls, and other interactive web content directly into your pre-lecture videos.

Reuse and update existing course materials

With Panopto, you can upload pre-recorded videos from previous terms, and edit the videos and slides to ensure content is always up to date.

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