Departmental Cash Transmittal

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When UW Tacoma departments receive payments (cash/check), these payments need to be sent to the Cashier's Office, along with a Cash Transmital Form (CT), within 24 hours of receipt*. Checks can be sent through campus mail to Box # 358433. The deposit items should be paper-clipped, in the order that they are listed on the form.  Be sure to sign the CT and to include a copy of the form.

*If you are expecting mutiple payments for a specific event or item, it's okay to collect payments in weekly batches, as long as you are practicing proper cash handling protocols. 

Reminder:  cash should not be sent through campus mail.  Instead, please hand deliver the CT forms and cash to the Cashier's Office, located in CAR 400. If it is a large sum of money, please call Campus Safety (2-4416) to arrange for an escort.

After the payment is processed, a copy of the receipt will be stapled to the CT copy you included with the payment. Check the receipt for accuracy and notify the cashier immediately if you find an error.

Payments will post to your budget a few business days after the transaction date noted on the receipt.  Please confirm that the transaction uploaded correctly on MyFD.


CT For Cash or Checks

Cash Transmittal Form

This form is designed to directly deposit allocated funds into department budgets.  Please fill out the relevant information and send, through campus mail, to Cashier's Office:  Box 358433.  Include the completed form and one copy, with the accompanying checks and documentation, paper clipped to the form.  Once processed, the receipt will be stapled to the copy and returned to the box number noted on the form. 

Note*:  Do not send cash or coin through campus mail.  Cash deposits need to be hand delivered to the Cashier's Office (CAR 400). 


Date: Date the form is prepared.

Budget No: Indicate the budget number to which the deposit will be applied in the nn-nnnn format.

Budget Title: Indicate the complete budget title.

Object Code or Revenue Code: This can be blank and the revenue code associated with the budget will automatically be assigned. If you would like it posted to a different revenue code or object code you can input that here in the nn-nn-nn format.

Amount: Indicate the amount of the deposit, minus the sales tax. If sales tax is included in the payment, it should be recorded at the bottom of the "Amount" column in the "Sales Tax" field. Please Note: The total amount shown on the cash transmittal must equal the total amount of the check and currency to be deposited.

Invoice Number: This item is for designating a student number or an invoice number.If information is represented here it will be reflected on the BAR but it is not a required entry.

Name of Customer/Student: Indicate full or abbreviated personal or organizational name. Information in this field will be reflected on the BAR. If payment is for a student, please provide the student number as well.  Note:  The payor is often different from the customer.  For our purposes, we need the customer name.  If the payor name is important to the transaction,  that information will be collected and entered onto the receipt in the "Paid By" field.

Check Number/Check Date: This entry not reflected on the bar. **Multiple checks may be entered as single line entry to the budget, a separate list containing each check amount should accompany your copy of the cash transmittal form kept in your office for auditing and reference purposes later.

Departmental Authorization: Name of the departmental depositor in order to attest to the accuracy of the information.

Box Number: Indicate the box number of the transmitting department.

Transmitting Department: Indicate the department preparing the cash transmittal.

Phone No: Indicate the phone number of the authorized depositor in the transmitting department.

Comments: This field is for department information concerning the deposit.

**In most cases, transactions are entered individually by customer.  If you have multiple payors, and don't need the receipt broken down by individual, then just list customer as "multiple" and the deposit will be batched.  In these cases, if the department is maintaining a list of payors, a copy of this list should be included as documentation.

Print two copies of the form and submit them to the Cashier’s Office. Once processed, a copy will be returned to the department along with a receipt.

The department is responsible for retaining all supporting documentation for the transaction. This will aid your budget reconciliation process.  The receipt will contain a “CT #” (Example: CA5701), which will appear in My Financial Desktop when the transaction posts to your budget. 


CT For Credit Cards