Clery Act Reporting

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The Clery Act is a federal law the requires colleges and universities to disclose information about crime on and around their campuses.

Campus Security Authority

What is a CSA?

The UW Tacoma Campus Safety & Security Department encourages all members of the campus community to report crimes on a timely basis.  However, under the Clery Act, CSAs are required to report Clery Act crimes which occurred on campus, in public areas bordering campus and in certain non-campus buildings owned or controlled (leased) by the University.  Click on this link to make a report

  1. All UW Tacoma Campus Safety & Security employees
  2. Individuals who have responsibility for campus security but are not part of the campus safety& security department, such as those monitoring access to campus property (e.g., parking lots, residence halls, and athletic venues.
  3. Individuals or organizations identified by the UW to which students and employees should report criminal offenses. While Campus Safety & Security is the primary location to report crimes, places like Safe Campus, Title IX Coordinator and Victim Advocates are other examples.
  4. Any employee who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities here or abroad. Those responsibilities include student housing, student conduct and campus judicial proceedings. An official is defined as any person who has the authority and the duty to take action or respond to particular issues on behalf of the institution.

Examples of CSAs

  • Deans
  • Student housing staff
  • Athletic coaches
  • Student activities coordinators
  • Officials who oversee a student center
  • Resident advisors (RAs)
  • Student advisors
  • Faculty advisors to student organizations


  • Administrative staff not responsible for student activities (e.g. payroll, facilities)
  • Clerical staff
  • Individual faculty who Do Not serve as advisors to registered student organizations
  • Doctors in the Student Health Center or Counselors in the Counseling Center,  who provide care to individual students

If you are a CSA, you are required to review the training on an annual basis.  If you have not done so yet, please review the training now.

UW Tacoma CLERY Act Training for Campus Security Authority 

Training Video Trailer, Clery Center