Inclement Weather Procedures

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Inclement weather guideWhat is the situation?

Although severe weather is rare in the Pacific Northwest, we do encounter some snow and icy conditions, high winds, flooding and serious thunderstorms on occasion.

What should I do?

If severe weather makes it unsafe to travel to campus, the university will announce either a delayed opening, early closing or suspension of operations through the following notification systems:

Keep in mind that conditions may be different at your home than they are on campus. When the university is in operation, but severe weather conditions exist, use your own best judgment about getting to campus.

Suspended operations

In the event of snow, ice or other dangerous conditions, campus leadership will assess the conditions and make a decision no later than 4 a.m., earlier if possible, about whether to suspend operations for the entire day or operate on a delayed schedule. 

When operations are suspended, the campus is closed, classes are not held, administrative offices are closed and all events and activities are cancelled.

Delayed opening

When a delayed schedule is announced, classes and offices will resume operations at a later than usual time, usually at 10:30 a.m. or noon, depending on conditions. Any classes or event happening before that time are cancelled.

Closing early

If a storm hits in the middle of the day, campus leaders may decide to suspend operations early. An announcement is usually made by 2 p.m. that day. Any classes or events happening after that time are cancelled.

Missed classes

Faculty should make arrangements to contact students if class is cancelled when the university is open. Students should talk with their faculty about making up class time lost during a suspension of operations or a delayed opening, or if they are unable to get to campus.

Missed work time

UWHR's suspended operations web pages provide information about pay and leave practices during inclement weather and suspended operations. If you have additional questions about pay and leave use, please contact Human Resources at 253-692-5669.

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