Student in Distress - Emergency Guide

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Student in DistressWhat is the situation?

A student of concern is any student who is displaying behaviors that may get in the way of a student's ability to be successful in the university environment. This could mean a student experiencing crisis, displaying odd or unusual behavior, engaging in behaviors that are perceived to be harmful (to themself or others), or behaviors that may be deemed academically damaging.

What should I do?

Emergency situations

If you are in contact with a student who appears to be an immediate threat to his or her own safety or that of others, call 9-1-1. Crisis situations include:

  • Stated intention to committ suicide or inflict serious harm to self.
  • Stated intention or obvious behavior indicating an imminent threat to harm others.

Non-emergency situations

If the student does not pose an immediate threat to self or others, but exhibits behavior revealing a potential for harm, you can make a referral in one of the following ways:

  • SafeCampus: 253-692-SAFE
  • Student of Concern: or 253-692-4801
  • Campus Safety & Security: 253-692-4888

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