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The University’s 35-year-old legacy payroll system was replaced with a modern, integrated human resources and payroll system on June 27, 2017, significantly improving support for critical HR and payroll work across the University. More information regarding the new system and who it will impact can be found at:


UW Tacoma - Workday Support Aids

Form I-9

On Demand Check Requests

Hiring Hourly Student Employees

Onboarding Checklist for UWT Employees

Glacier Tax System For Foreign Nationals

All UWT foreign national employees are entered in the Glacier Tax System, by the UW Tacoma HR/Payroll Support Specialist, upon hiring. An email is generated by the system and sent directly to the new employee with instructions and access to the online system. It's important and beneficial for the new employee to complete this online process to ensure taxes are handled appropriately.  At the end of the process, the employee is required to print and sign the Tax Summary Report as well as any tax forms provided by Glacier, and submit these forms along with copies of the required work authorization documents, specified on the Tax Summary Report,  to the UWT Payroll Office.  For more information regarding Glacier, including instructions and a self-checklist, please go to:

Paychecks and Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is encouraged at the UW. This can be done online through Workday. If you did not elect direct deposit for your UW paycheck, your paycheck will be mailed from the Integrated Service Center (ISC) in Seattle to your home address. Please ensure your home address is current in Workday.

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