Paying or Appealing a UW Tacoma Parking Ticket - FAQs

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The Parking and Traffic Enforcement Rules for UW Tacoma are listed under WAC 478-118.

What are my options once a citation has been issued?

You can respond to a parking citation one of two ways:


What happens if I don't respond in time?

Parking citations that have not been paid or appealed within 20 calendar days will be assessed a $10 late payment fee and an official late payment notice will be issued. You may also lose the right to file an appeal.

In addition, your vehicle is subject to impoundment, immobilization or towing at the registered owner’s expense if found on campus property and the registered owner becomes subject to action by a collection agency (additional fees will apply). You can also become subject to having a hold placed on your registration, transcripts, grades and degrees if you are a student and any campus parking permit you hold is subject to recall or denial.


How do I pay for a parking citation?

Payments are processed by the Cashier’s Office. To help ensure proper posting, include a copy of the citation and write the citation number (found in the top right corner of the citation) on the check. Please make checks payable to the University of Washington Tacoma or UW Tacoma. You may submit your payment one of the following ways:

  • By mail:
    University of Washington Tacoma
    Campus Box 358433
    Attn: Appeals
    1900 Commerce Street
    Tacoma, WA 98402-3100
  • Via the payment drop box:
    Payment by check, cash, money order or cashier's check may be placed in the payment drop box located next to the Cashier’ Office (Carlton 400)
  • In person:
    In-person payments with cash, check, money order/cashier’s check or Visa/MasterCard are accepted at the Cashier's Office in Carlton 400 during regular hours.


How do I appeal a parking citation?

Parking citations can be appealed by completing the Parking Violation Petition online. Completed appeals must be received either online or in person at the Cashier’s Office within the 20-day response period to be reviewed.

Tips on appealing a parking citation:

  • Explain your basis for appeal with as much detail as possible
  • Include any originals of documents or evidence such as parking permits, payment receipts, photographs, maps, letters or drawings
  • Keep a copy of the entire petition and any evidence for your records


How do I find out the status of my appeal?

All appeal responses will be sent via email to the address provided on the Parking Violation Petition. Once you have submitted your appeal, no further action is required on your behalf. Please note that appeals must be received within 20 calendar days of the citation’s issuance.

Can the university immobilize, impound or tow my vehicle and if so, on what grounds?

A vehicle found on UW Tacoma property can be impounded, immobilized or towed in cases of:

  • Failure to pay fines, WAC 478-116-401
  • Public Safety concerns, WAC 478-116-411
  • Vehicle abandonment, WAC 478-116-421
  • Forged Permits, WAC-478-116-184
  • Obstructing Traffic, WAC-478-116-245
  • Vehicle Reported Stolen, WAC 478-116-411
  • Vehicle Constitutes Evidence/Contains Evidence, WAC 478-116-411

University of Washington Tacoma Policy on Vehicle Parking and Immobilization

My vehicle has been immobilized, impounded or towed while parked on campus what should I do?

Please contact the Campus Safety office at 253-692-4416 for instructions.

If my vehicle is immobilized, impounded or towed can I promise to pay my parking citation and related fees later with a promissory note?

No. The extension of credit through the option of payment agreements or promissory notes for outstanding parking citations and related fees is not possible. All applicable charges must be paid in full to the Cashier’s Office by cash, Visa/MasterCard or money order/cashier’s check prior to receipt of your vehicle. We cannot accept personal checks.

I think that the pay kiosk in the Cragle Parking Lot double-charged my account. What should I do?

Debit and credit card payments received at the pay kiosk are electronically submitted to the university’s financial institution several times per week but not daily. Therefore, payments made on consecutive days will be processed in a single batch and will likely bare an identical transaction and processing date stamp . This can give the mistaken appearance of a double charge.

Example: You park in the Cragle lot on Monday and Wednesday of the same week. The payment information for both days is transmitted by the university to its financial institution on Thursday. The transaction from Monday and the transaction from Wednesday will all likely post to your account on the same day and contain identical transaction and processing date stamps.

A receipt is printed when you make your payment and you should retain it until you have an opportunity to review their monthly account statement.

If you believe that there is a true discrepancy, you should promptly notify your financial institution. The university does not have access to customer account information and cannot process refunds.