How to Offer an Internship

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Thank you for your interest in offering an internship opportunity with our students!

Click here to view the National Society of Experiental Education's 8 Best Practices for Internships.

A quality internship posting offers the student:

  • An opportunity to participate from the beginning; the internship posting should clearly state the learning goals. Internships are meant to be educational experiences, not a chance to get  extra work done without hiring paid staff.
  • A well-defined position description; detail what the intern's duties will be. When it comes to student intern success, your detailed and specific internship posting makes all the difference.
  • Practical experience that relates to the classroom; the internship should allow students to apply what they have learned in the classroom in a "real world" environment.
  • The site supervisor as a mentor: the intern should receive guidance and be given feedback that contributes to the intern's growth. There should be a mentoring plan in place before the internship begins.

Refer to the United States Department of Labor website for the criteria for unpaid internship positions under The Fair Labor and Standards Acts.


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