Non-Matriculated or Non-degree Seeking Students

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Non-matriculated status is for students who want to take courses for credit but are not earning a degree. When enrolled in a non-matriculated status, you cannot earn a degree but a grade is earned and full credit is awarded and recorded on a UW transcript for any courses taken. Credits earned as a non-matriculated student usually transfer to other institutions. If you are later accepted into a matriculated status at the Tacoma campus, courses earned as a non-matriculated student may be applied to your undergraduate degree requirements, with some restrictions.

Limits on non-matriculated enrollment

  • Applications for non-matriculated enrollment are considered on a space-available basis after all on-time and complete matriculated applicants have been reviewed.
  • Non-matriculated students cannot register until the first week of the quarter. Consequently, course selection may be limited.
  • Students attending as non-matriculated may accrue no more than 45 credits in that status (some exceptions may be allowed). The number may vary by program. If you are considering switching to matriculated (degree-seeking) status, you are encouraged to do so as soon as possible, as 45 of the last 60 credits of a baccalaureate degree must be earned as a matriculated student in residence at the Tacoma campus.

How to Apply

Applications must be completed by the application deadline. Applicants seeking matriculated status may have admission and registration priority over non-matriculated applicants.

Apply as a non-matriculated student

Earning a certificate as a non-matriculated student

If you are applying to the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or Nonprofit Management certificate programs - and are not a current UW Tacoma student - you should apply as a non-matriculated applicant. Please review the program requirements for guidance in making a successful application and additional application requirements.