CARE Team Process

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All initial reports/referrals will be triaged through the CARE Team, and referred to the appropriate office(s) and/or external services.

Once a referral is received, the following procedures are implemented:

  1. Respond to referral as soon as possible, typically within 24 hours
  2. Identify the subject(s) involved
  3. Collect available information
  4. Assess whether subject(s) is an imminent threat to self or others and take appropriate action.
  5. Develop specific intervention/prevention strategy.
  6. Facilitate meetings with appropriate UW Tacoma office or personnel regarding the situation on an as needed basis.
  7. Follow up as with appropriate parties as the situation permits.

If the referral is not seen as appropriate for immediate intervention, the student will be contacted and we will make an appropriate recommendation for additional student support. All immediate interventions will be forwarded to an appropriate campus-wide intervention or response committee based on severity of the emerging incident.

The campus has many support structures to assist students:

The following support structures are in place to ensure concerns are addressed. Representatives from each area work in conjunction with each other to provide a holistic approach to situations as appropriate.

Student Advocacy & Support | MAT203 | 253-692-5934
The Office of Student Advocacy & Support assists students in developing strategies to overcome and address barriers that prevent them from achieving their educational goals using a case management model.

Counseling & Psychological Services | MAT354 | 253-692-4522
Staff in Counseling & Psychological Services not only provide free counseling to currently enrolled UW Tacoma students, they are available to consult with faculty and staff.

SafeCampus | 253-692-SAFE | 253-692-7233
SafeCampus is a 24-7 University of Washington tri-campus resource that you can consult with when you are concerned for your safety or someone else’s. They are available to staff, faculty and students. You can call anonymously.

Academic Alert | GWP102 | 253-62-4857
Academic alert is a referral system through which any UW Tacoma faculty or staff member may identify undergraduate students who are having academic difficulty.

Bias Incident Response Committee | WCG102
The Bias Incident Response Committee reviews, tracks and, when possible, responds to reports of bias incidents to help improve our campus’ climate.

Emergency Aid | MAT103 | 253-692-4901
Emergency Aid assists students who are experiencing unexpected hardships that may disrupt their education or prevent them from earning their UW degree.

Victim Advocate | MAT203 | 253-692-5934
Advocates provide a confidential place for students to seek support, information and safety planning if they experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship violence or stalking. Outside of business hours you can encourage a student to seek medical attention at Tacoma General Hospital.