Counseling & Psychological Services Training Program

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Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology 2020-2021

Counseling & Psychological Services offers a 12-month doctoral internship program in health service psychology, with two intern positions. The interns at Counseling & Psychological Services receive intensive, supportive training in individual and group psychotherapy, crisis and initial assessment, supervision of doctoral practicum trainees, outreach, and consultation. The program is designed to allow interns to develop a balanced general foundation of clinical knowledge and experience. At the same time, there is enough flexibility to permit each individual to explore and develop particular areas of clinical interest. The program is an APPIC member training site, and adheres to APPIC regulations regarding selection and notification of internship applicants. Please access the 2020-2021 Internship Program Description to learn more about our doctoral psychology internship program. Please read the letter from our Training Director.

Our MATCH program code number is: 212711