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The reminders below are for enrolled UW Tacoma students

who have been approved for accommodations.


You must request accommodations each quarter.

Accommodations and auxiliary aids will not automatically be provided each quarter.  Immediately after you register for the next quarter, contact Disability Resources for Students (DRS) Program Coordinator, Heather Ruiter, to request any accommodations that you will need and that have been approved by the Dean of Student Success, Dr. Jeri Carter.  DRS can provide Request for Services forms that detail the information we need from you to initiate these services each quarter.

Request your accommodations as soon as possible after registering for classes. 

Many accommodations may take two or more weeks to arrange, so please consider this when submitting your requests. When you submit your accommodation requests in a timely manner, you are better assured of receiving them in a timely manner.  This website includes a list of accomodation services and the timeline needed to provide them.

Accommodations are not retroactive.  

You must first provide the required documentation to DSS, establish eligibility, and work with us to agree on those accommodations that are reasonable and appropriate given the effects of your disability.

Contact DRS as soon as possible if you have any issues with your accommodations.

Let DRS staff know if you are having difficulties working out your accommodation needs with your professor. The sooner we take care of problems the easier they are to resolve.  

Please inform us if there is difficulty with other accommodations that have been made through the DRS Office, for instance, note-taking services or special furniture placed in classrooms. We rely on you to let us know when requested accommodations have not been fulfilled.