Strategic Planning Steering Committee Members

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  • Bonnie Becker, Associate Dean of Curriculum and Academic Initiatives, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
  • Richard Wilkinson, Associate Vice Chancellor for Organizational Effectiveness & Development

Process consultant:

  • Kathleen Deakins, President, JayRay


  • Brian Anderson, Director of Marketing & Creative Services (Design and Production)
  • Kathy Beaudoin, Associate Professor, Education (Education Representative)
  • Sheri Burden, Office Assistant, Nursing & Healthcare Leadership (Staff Association Representative)
  • Colleen Carmean, Assistant Chancellor for Academic Technologies & Institutional Research (Academic Affairs Representative)
  • Pat Clark, Director of Campus Planning & Real Estate, Finance & Administration (Facilities Planning Representative)
  • Bronwyn Clarke, Student (Student Representative)
  • Amanda Figueroa, Director of Student Transitions Programs, Student & Enrollment Services (Staff Association Representative)
  • Rich Furman, Professor, Social Work (Social Work Representative)
  • Joshua Garcia, Deputy Superintendent, Tacoma Public Schools (Community Representative)
  • Cheryl Greengrove, Interim Dean, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (SIAS Representative)
  • Chris Hedegaard, Graduate Student (Student Representative)
  • Lisa Hoffman, Special Assistant for Community Engagement, Office of the Chancellor (Community Engagement Representative)
  • Cedric Howard, Vice Chancellor, Student & Enrollment Services (Vice Chancellor)
  • Holly Bamford Hunt, Director, Bamford Foundation (Community Representative)
  • Leslie Kinkade, Associate Vice Chancellor, Advancement (Corporate Relations Representative)
  • Joshua Knudson, Vice Chancellor, Advancement (Vice Chancellor)
  • Bill Kunz, Interim Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs (Vice Chancellor)
  • Joel Larson, Assistant Director of Operations, Institute of Technology (Institute of Technology Representative)
  • Melissa Lavitt, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Nita McKinley, Past Chair, Faculty Assembly (Faculty Assembly Representative)
  • Ali Modarres, Director, Urban Studies (Urban Studies Representative)
  • Sophie Nop, ASUWT President (Student Representative)
  • Mark Pagano, Chancellor (Convener)
  • Sharon Parker, Assistant Chancellor, Equity & Diversity (Diversity and Inclusion Representative)
  • Harlan Patterson, Vice Chancellor, Finance & Administration (Vice Chancellor)
  • Jocelyn Patterson, Undergraduate Student (Student Representative)
  • Patrick Pow, Vice Chancellor, Information Technology (Vice Chancellor)
  • Lauren Pressley, Director, UW Tacoma Library (Library Representative)
  • David Reyes, Assistant Professor, Nursing & Healthcare Leadership (Nursing & Healthcare Leadership Representative)
  • Karl Smith, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Admissions Officer, Student & Enrollment Services (Enrollment Services Representative)
  • Alina Solano, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor, Office of the Chancellor 
  • Tracy Thompson, Associate Professor, Milgard School of Business (Milgard School of Business Representative)