Accommodations Request Timeline

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In order to ensure sufficient time to make provisions for appropriate accommodations and auxiliary aid(s), students must request approved accommodations in a timely manner. Below is a list of services and appropriate timelines for most circumstances. If a request is submitted after the relevant deadline, DRS will make every reasonable effort to accommodate the request but cannot guarantee that such a request can be met. Accommodations are approved throughout the quarter, but are not retroactive. Untimely requests may result in delay, substitutions, or the inability to fulfill the request(s).




Exam Accommodations
Complete an Alternative Testing Agreement, with your professor, for each class as soon as possible.
Once submitted schedule non final exams at least 5 business days in advance, finals 10 days. 
Alternate Print Format
Please provide the written material to DRS (syllabi/reading lists and order in which readings are due, textbooks, in-class handouts, etc.). Also include the format which you would like the texts converted (audio-recording, enlarged print, Braille, e-text, etc.). Submit to DRS Office at least two weeks prior to the start of the quarter to ensure that they are returned to you in a timely manner.
Four (4) weeks before quarter begins.
Sign Language Interpreter / 
Real-Time Captioning
Include the SLN number of classes, the days and time on which classes (or academic-related event) will be held, and the building name and room number of the classrooms or other campus locations in which services will be needed, and submit at least five school days prior to the start of the quarter or event.
Ten (10) days before quarter begins
or before event. 
Special Classroom Furniture
Include the building name and room number of the classrooms in which special furniture will be needed, and submit at least five school days prior to the start of the quarter for which it is needed.
Two (2) weeks before quarter begins.
Classroom Relocations
If you are registered for a course that is scheduled to be held in a classroom that for any reason is difficult for you to access, please notify the DRS Office as soon as possible after you've registered.
As soon as possible after registration.
Disability Related Absences Agreement
Complete a Disability Related Absences Agreement for each class, with your professor.
Before the end of the 2ndweek of the classes.
Reduced Credit Load
Financial Aid Priority Appeal.
Requests for reduced credit loads are due at least 4 weeks prior to the 1st day of class.
Study Abroad
Requests for accommodations on study abroad trips are due in writing.
At least 8 weeks prior to the departure date.