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Staff, faculty and students are now able to request service from UW Tacoma Facilities Services online at any time.

In Case of Emergencies Dial 9-1-1

In the case of fire, police or medical emergencies first dial 9-1-1 and then Campus Safety and Security at 253-692-4416.

Urgent Requests Call 253.692.5700

If there is risk to life, health, safety or potential damage to facilities such as a broken window, power failure, broken water pipes, fluid spills, suspicious odors, doors that cannot be secured, public lighting that is out, please call Facilities Services at 253-692-5700.

To submit a work request, please click on the button below:

Work Order Request

If you have a Work Request User account, please use button below and login with your assigned user account.  If you do not have a work request user account and are interested in learning more about this option or are unable to access your account, please contact Facilities Services

WorK Request USER LOG In 

All service requests are assigned a priority rating which is determined by Facilities Services staff based on the information received from the requestor and knowledge of the other work at hand.

Response and Completion Time-lines

The following table defines work-order priorities and categories that range from “Critical to “Scheduled” with allocated response and completion time (business days).



Completion Definition of Work Request
1 hour 24 hours Immediate risk to: personal safety or security; business continuity; major asset integrity; or the environment



1 day 5 days Impending risk to: teaching, learning & research activities; non-urgent UW Tacoma work; or non-urgent student/staff welfare
Routine 3 days 10 days No discernible impact to: delivery of teaching; learning; and research or living environment activities within specified timeframe
Scheduled As agreed with client 10 days or As agreed with client Work subject to planning requirements and/or a scheduled start date. Usually of a larger scale than routine maintenance activities i.e. Minor Works, etc.



Response The passage of time from the point at which the request is, submitted, received, and accepted by the FS personnel. It is the expected time that an attempt is, made to engage and resolve the issue. This response is, made by Facilities Services staff or approved vendor with the skillset and/or authority to initiate the service.  (A call-center staff member does not satisfy the criterion of response).
Completion The measurement of time from the acceptance of the task to the time at which the task is completed or has reached the point of practical completion and is fit to be-used for the intended purpose.  Lead-time for parts, materials, or additional contractor support may delay the completion timeline.  Update will-be provided within work order status stating as such.

An expedient response is paramount to achieving a successful outcome and containing risk when critical or urgent requests are generated Once the risk has been removed and or the situation made safe for use; the task can be reassigned to routine (10 days) or scheduled (agreed time line) for full completion.  Reassignment may also occur if additional trade support is required from alternate trade disciplines.