Temporary Artwork Space Request

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The requested space is to be used for art class projects which will be temporarily placed on campus and then promptly removed, by the student, when finished. This form is to be submitted a minimum of three (3) business days prior to installation date.

This is optional and is up to your preference.
ex. T ARTS 301
Declaration of Responsibility
This project is for a UW Tacoma art class. When it is set up, I will make sure not to permanently mark or damage any floors, walls, wood trim, trees, flowers, shrubbery, or block access of walkways or emergency pathways. Wall anchored projects must be attached using museum putty. Projects are not allowed in enclosed stairwells or on any glass surfaces. Installations are excluded from the 1st floor of MAT and the Snoqualmie building. I will make sure to remove my project by the date I have agreed to above.
Typing your name in this box signifies your understanding of and agreement to the Declaration of Responsibility above.
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