Credit Card Payment Policies

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At the direction of the UW PCI Merchant Services Director, UW Tacoma’s Cashier’s Office is updating its current credit card payment policy and process. This includes changing the fee from a “credit card merchant service fee” to the corrected “credit card convenience fee.” It also updates the way we collect this fee from both the customer and the department.

The credit card convenience fee is used to off-set the cost of offering an alternative payment channel to our customers. As this is an online credit card convenience fee, the consumer can opt out of the fee by paying by mail or in person.

In the best interest to our student and non-student customers, the convenience fee is adjusted to a flat $3.00* per total credit card purchase.

The Cashier’s Office accepts credit/debit card payments online, via TouchBase, the Cashier’s Office online payment portal. Credit/Debit card payments are also accepted at the Cashier’s Office for non SDB (UW Student Account) related charges. The Cashier’s Office does not accept credit/debit payments by phone, mail or fax. 

If your department has a need to accept credit card payments, contact the Cashier’s Office to learn how to get set up on TouchBase. If your department needs to add a new student fee, then the fee must be vetted through the appropriate channels.

By working with the UW Tacoma Cashier’s Office, you are ensuring the most secure form of credit card processing. The Cashier’s Office is then responsible for reconciling the online payments and distributing the funds to your budget(s). The department is responsible for reconciling their budget in MyFD.

To maintain strict internal controls, the Cashier’s Office will also issue any applicable refunds. It is up to the department to request the refund along with the corresponding refund documentation including: order #, amount to refund, and reason for refund.

*This rate is subject to change based on the actual fees incurred by the University within the guidelines of PCI compliance.

Convenience Fee Policy

Credit Card Merchant (Convenience) Fee Process

EFFECTIVE DATE: April 2, 2018


In order to best meet the needs of our stakeholders, as well as meeting current PCI requirements, the Cashier’s Office is updating the merchant fee cost recovery process. 

Merchant fees are the fees credit card companies charge to merchants for processing credit card payments. There are also additional payment processing fees associated with credit card transactions. These fees combined range from 1% - 4% of the total charge. Effective April 2, 2018 the Cashier’s Office will switch from a flat 3% credit card processing fee to a flat $3.00 convenience fee.*

Convenience fees only apply to payments made on TouchBase, UW Tacoma’s online payment portal. When items are added onto TouchBase, the department determines if want to pass the convenience fee onto the customer, or if they want their budget to incur the cost instead. When a department elects to pay the fee, the receiving budget will be debited the $3 flat fee per payment via journal voucher (JV).

Due to credit card and payment processing regulations, it is not allowable to charge a convenience fee on payments made in person at the Cashier’s Office. Since we still need to recover the cost of processing these payments, the receiving department’s budget will be debited the $3 flat fee per payment via journal voucher (JV).

Starting the first week in May 2018, departments will receive a monthly billing report detailing the flat fees associated with all credit card payments that are not subject to the online convenience fee. Shortly after the monthly billing report is generated, a JV will be submitted to debit the funds from the associated budgets.

*This rate is subject to change based on the actual fees incurred by the University within the guidelines of PCI compliance.


CT for Credit Cards

This process has been replaced by TouchBase, UW Tacoma's online payment portal.  If you need to accept credit card payments, contact the Cashier's Office to get set up.


Per the Credit Card Merchant Fee Policy, a $3.00 convenience fee* is charged to department budgets which utilize the Cashier's Office for credit card transactions.  *After December 2018, this rate is subject to change.