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Entry codes or "add codes" are five-digit random numbers sometimes required for restricted courses, during certain registration periods, or if your course(s) is/are not recognized by the UW equivalency system. 

Entry code requests for School of IAS courses must be made online via our Entry Code Request Form up to 48 business hours before your registration period begins. Requests submitted more than 48 hours before a given registration period will be denied and you will be asked to re-submit your request(s). Requests are processed in the order they are received and may take up to 48 business hours to process.

Entry codes are only valid once and for a limited period of time after they have been issued. If you drop a section that required an entry code to add, you must request another entry code to re-add the section. Entry codes are non-transferable. Academic programs reserve the right to require entry codes whether or not the course is so designated in the time schedule.

*To protect your privacy, School of IAS staff will only respond to messages originating from UW email accounts. View the full UW Tacoma email policy, here.



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