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Students are required by federal law to notify UW Tacoma within 10 calendar days of any changes to their Local (U.S. Mailing), U.S. Physical (only if different from Local/U.S. Mailing) and Permanent (Foreign) addresses.

During post-completion and STEM extension OPT, students can report address updates in SEVP Portal and in MyUW. Please do not submit this form! 

Local Address in MyUW = U.S. Mailing Address in SEVIS 

Permanent Address in MyUW = Foreign Address in SEVIS

  • Permanent (Foreign) Address can only be updated by ISSS staff in MyUW and in SEVIS. It also must be a non-U.S. Address. To view your current Permanent (Foreign) Address on file, please log into your MyUW.  To have Permanent (Foreign) Address updated both in MyUW and in SEVIS, please fill out this form. 

Physical Address

  • Physical Address (where you actually live in U.S.) is a required information to report for each students in SEVIS. We assume your Local (U.S. Mailing) Address is same as your Physical Address. If you actually live in a different address than your Local (U.S.) Mailing address, please complete this form. 

Student's Foreign Telephone and US Telephone numbers are also reported in SEVIS. Students can report any changes to ISSS by completing this form. 

You need to have your most recent I-20 ready to fill out this form!

If you have any questions, please email International Student and Scholar Services at