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Below you will find important tools to help you organize your classroom, grading information, and other important teaching policies and procedures.

Academic Calendar 2018/2019

Department Chairs and Contacts

Undergraduate Program Chairs
Computer Science and Systems (CSS): Dr. Donald Chinn
Computer Engineering and Systems (CES) and Electrical Engineering (EE): Dr. Max Laddomada
Information Technology (IT) Dr. Bryan Goda

Graduate Program Chairs
Computer Science and Systems (MSCSS): Dr. Martine De Cock and Dr. Mohamed Ali
Masters of Cybersecurity and Leadership: Dr. Yan Bai

FERPA Training

All faculty are expected to have FERPA training. FERPA was written specifically for students and guarantees them the right to inspect and review their education records, the right to seek to amend education records, and the right to have some control over the disclosure of information from those education records. All faculty are expected to review FERPA guidelines. FERPA training resources are available at the website of the Office of the University Registrar @

Class Cancellations/Late to Class Notice/Letting Class Out Early

If you know that you'll be missing class due to a conference or other event, please arrange class coverage in advance. Please follow these steps:
1. Try to get another faculty member to cover the class, if possible.
2. Notify the director and academic administrator in advance.
3. Notify the class via the course email list.

If you are unable to teach your class at the last minute due to illness or other emergency, please follow these steps:
1. Notify the director and academic administrator in advance via e-mail or phone.
2. Notify the class via the course email list.

A cancellation notice will be posted on the classroom door.

Letting class out early
Class should meet during the allocated time each day. Letting students out early is not acceptable, unless during times that unforseen situations arise. This should include inclement weather, emergencies, etc.

Copies and Printing

For making copies on an Institute copier, a copy code can be requested from Cathy Adgar-Beal at cathyab@uw.edu
The Institute copier is located in the reception area CP 206A.

For large number of copies, please use the copy center:
Location - Ground floor of the Mattress Factory
Phone: 253.692.5787
Email: uwtcc@uw.edu
Copy Center Lead, Keith Ward, kwuwt@uw.edu


Send documents via email to the Copy Center to produce and sell Course Packs. Students can pick up and pay for the Course Pack at the Copy Center. Work with Keith if there are issues of copyright permissions. The Copy Center will make every effort to keep to a 24-hour turn-around time for large projects and one day service for smaller projects.


Course Evaluations

The Institute of Technology conducts online course evaluations at the end of each course. If you have questions, please contact Cathy Adgar-Beal at cathyab@uw.edu.
Cathy sends out a notification to all faculty letting them know when the evaluations will open and close.

Course evaluations are used for faculty reappointments, promotions, and for tenure and promotion. Please encourage your students to complete them, before the closing date.


Grades are due on the first Tuesday following final examination week by 5:00 pm. It is very important that you complete your online grade submission by the posted date and time for the quarter you are teaching. You will be able to submit grades through MyUW.

Please check the Enrollment Services website for grading policies. Particularly of interest to you is the policy about incompletes. If you are going to give an incomplete grade please make sure you have followed policy and have completed an incomplete request form. Please review these policies prior to submitting grades. It is important to meet with the student and assist them in developing a plan that may help them be more successful in the course.


Submitting Grade Changes Online

Student Related Issues

The Academic Alert (formerly known as Early Alert) referral system is a program through which faculty may identify students who are having academic difficulty.  The goal is to help connect students with support services across campus.  If you have a student with academic issues such as:

  • Failed exams and/or quizzes
  • Missing or incomplete assignments
  • Attendance issues (tardiness, multiple missed classes)
  • Lack of participation
  • Time management challenges


  • The Academic Alert referral system is for all UW Tacoma students, regardless of class standing or major/program
  • Alerts may be submitted at any time during the quarter

Contact an Institute Advisor: Beth Jeffrey at elizaj3@uw.edu or David Ross at dross76@uw.edu

Also, if a student is displaying behaviors that may get in the way of a student's ability to be successful in the university environment, please contact:

Technology Resources (helpdesk, media help, canvas)

Canvas is the management system that allows you to communicate with your students. For access email the Canvas administrator and ask for instructor access.
Darcy Janzen at janzen@uw.edu

Help Desk for Computer and Printing Related Issues
(253) 692-HELP (4357) or 2-4357 on campus or E-mail at tachelp@uw.edu. Visit the help desk counter in WG 108.

Podium Lockbox Keys
A lockbox key is necessary for access to classroom equipment. Faculty must checkout a lockbox key and receive instruction on using the classroom equipment. Faculty are responsible for returning all equipment to the lockbox at the end of each class. Send a request to tacmedia@uw.edu or call (253) 692-4419 to check out a lockbox key and arrange for a brief orientation.

Campus Library
The campus library may assist you with posting electronic copies of documents for your classes as well as placing materials on reserve. Faculty/Instructor Information/Faculty/Instructor Checklist helps to familiarize you with library services and resources.

MyUW is the front portal of University of Washington for anybody with a UW NetID. It is a simple and easy-to-use tool for accessing the web resources you need to fulfill your goals at the university. Based on your affiliations with the university, it anticipates what you may need by providing you a personalized set of resources.

Please remember it is you responsibility to make sure that students have access to a copy of your syllabus and printed class materials through Canvas, library reserves, or the copy center prior to the first day of class.

Visit the UWT Information Technology page for computing, media and academic technology support across the UW Tacoma campus.

Book Orders

Please note that there are two type of book orders.

1) Books that you require the students to purchase from the bookstore. Faculty are responsible for placing the order through the bookstore.
To order books for your class from the UW bookstore:

Bookstore Ordering Deadlines
Autumn Quarter – May 25th
Winter Quarter – October 25th
Spring Quarter – January 25th
Summer Quarter – April 25th

2) DESK COPIES (for textbooks already adopted for a course) or REVIEW/EVALUATION COPIES (for consideration of adopting); please e-mail cathyab@uw.edu and include the following information as required by publishers to obtain complimentary copies.

  • Specify if the book has been adopted, or is being reviewed for adoption
  • Book Title, Edition, Author(s), and ISBN
  • Course number and quarter
  • Timeframe/date you need this book in hand

Classrooms/Labs/Room Reservations

There are a few different types of room requests on campus.

1) Classroom requests courses.  These are assigned by the Registrar's Office every quarter. Special requests for classrooms, computer classrooms, or Institute labs are sent separately by the Academic Administrator when the schedule is entered into the system. Otherwise, they're assigned based on the number of students expected or cap. Special requests should be sent to zaidec@uw.edu

List of classrooms

2) Intitute of Technology Labs
The Institute has a few labs throughout the campus.
SCIENCE 106 & 108 – Computer Science
DOUGAN 110 – Computer Science
CP 206 labs - Computer Engineering
Joy 009 and Joy 205 Information Technology (most IT classes are assigned to these computer labs).

Please make sure to send your room requests at least 1 to 2 weeks in advance

3. Rooms for committee or program related meetings
Send request to Zaide Chavez at zaidec@uw.edu

4. Rooms for special course meetings
Send request to zaidec@uw.edu

5. Rooms for special events (conferences and other events requiring William P. Hall or another special location)
Send request to Joel Larson at jilarson@uw.edu and Michael McMillan at mcmilm@uw.edu 

Other miscellaneous items

Class Attendance
Attendance in class by students is not mandatory. Therefore, you may not decrease a grade due to lack of attendance. If you have class participation as part of the assessment of grade you may grade students on class participation.

Class Lists
Once you have a UW net ID and log-in for UWT, you can view and print your class lists by using MyUW. Open MyUW as if you were logging on to your email. On the left-hand side of the page, you will see a teaching tab. Click on the teaching tab, and then click on “Manage Class Resources,” “My UW Class,” “On-Line Course Resources,” “Electronic Class Lists,” and “Display on a Web Page.” Now you can see and print your class list.

Dropping Off and Picking Up Papers
Students can drop off and pick up papers at the front desk (CP 133). The student assistants/receptionist will date stamp incoming papers and place them in the faculty mailbox. It is highly recommended that all student papers be returned to them in class. If this is not possible, you may leave them with the student assistants/receptionist at the front desk. Please follow FERPA guidelines for returning papers. It is very important that all student papers be sealed so that other students cannot see grades being issued. FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act)

Office Hours
All faculty are responsible for holding office hours. Because most part-time lecturers are not on campus full-time, you can set up office hours as you wish. Student class schedules and needs vary according to class and quarter. It is suggested that you make yourself available to students via email and let them know when you will check email and in what period of time they can expect a response. If a student needs to speak with you face-to-face, let them know you will meet with them by appointment only

Office Supplies
The Institute of Technology has office supplies in CP 221 (You need a key to access this room), and the front desk reception area. If there is something that you need in particular, Please visit the Office Depot website http://www.officedepot.com. Plese send the link of the item(s) to Cathy Adgar-Beal at cathyab@uw.edu.

Proctoring Tests
Please reach out to other FACULTY, if you need to have a proctor for a test.

Please note that most courses have a master syllabus that have been developed by each of the committees, specifically for that course. Please contact the chair of the committee for the program that you are teaching.  Course syllabus must be posted on Canvas and made public. Important service statements to include in your syllabus.

Work-Space for Part-time Faculty:
There is an open area in Key 200/202 for all part-time faculty to use. Your keycard should give you access to this area.
You will be notified when your keycard and keys are ready. You can pick them up at the Campus Safety Office. Please make sure to bring your ID with you and
your employee number. Campus Safety Office - Room Dougan 180.  

If you're not sure who you need to contact, please visit the Who Do I ask about... page.