Environmental Science Series Schedule

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The Environmental Science series takes place on Mondays, from 12:30 pm to 1:20 pm in building room CP 106.

April 12, 2018, Dr. Jim Gawel speaks on The ASARCO Legacy: Arsenic Pollution, Urbanization, and Impacts on the Aquatic Food Chain

April 9, 2018, Dr. Peter Wimberger speaks on Where Dead Things Come Alive! What Can We Learn From Natural History Collections?

April 16, 2018, James Powel speaks on Marine Mammals as Sentinels for Ecosystem Health

April 23, 2018, Dr. Kathleen Moore speaks on Climate Change and Winter Scarcity: The Economics of Reservoir Management for a New Normal

April 30, 2018, Dr. Liz Dykstra speaks on Tracking Vector-Borne Diseases in Washington State

May 7, 2018, Shannon Black and Jessica Kelsey speak on Exploration of Microplastics within the Lower Puyallup River Watershed

May 7, 2018, Mackenzie Partridge speaks on Nemertean Diversity at Carrie Bow Cay, Belize

May 14, 2018, Dr. Cynthia Chang speaks on Blast from the Past: Testing Hypothesis of Plant Succession on Mount St. Helens

May 21, 2018, Dr. Christopher Krembs speaks on Recent Physical Conditions and Implication for Water Quality and Biological Conditions in Puget Sound

For more information, contact Michelle Miller at 253-692-5657 or mmiller9@uw.edu.