Center for Urban Waters

Center for Urban Waters

Research conducted by University of Washington Tacoma scientists at the Center for Urban Waters seeks to understand and quantify the sources, pathways and impacts of chemical pollutants in urban waterways. Highly sensitive analytical tools to measure contaminant levels are combined with sophisticated computer models to track pollutant sources and transport in the Puget Sound region. UW students work side-by-side with Urban Waters colleagues, contributing to research teams while gaining valuable training and experience. Additionally, members of the Puget Sound Institute work to catalyze the collective actions of scientists, engineers and policymakers to restore and protect the Puget Sound ecosystem by synthesizing and integrating research findings into timely foundations for informed decisions.

Principal investigators

Scientists and staff

Aimee Kinney, M.M.A.

restoration analysis

Aimee Kinney

Kathy Peter, Ph.D.

environmental chemistry / engineering

Dr. Kathy Peter

Alex Gipe

lab manager

Alex Gipe

Carla Milesi

emerging stormwater technologies

Carla Milesi

Hayley Mathews

industrial stormwater

Hayley Mathews

Jeff Rice, M.J., M.F.A.

managing editor

Jeff Rice

Kris Symer, M.S.

visual communications

Kris Symer

Dwaine Trummert

application development

Dwaine Trummert

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Center for Urban Waters building on the Thea Foss Waterway

The Center for Urban Waters is a community of environmental scientists, analysts, engineers and policy makers developing creative and sustainable solutions to restore and protect the Puget Sound. The center provides an intellectual environment where people with a diverse mix of skills can collaborate to develop innovative approaches to environmental restoration and protection and to sustainable urban development.

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