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Follow along with the UW Tacoma students on their study abroad journeys! Read their blogs here

Winter 2020 Blogger:

Alexis Wilhelm

The Gambia: Study Abroad Internship Program 

Field of Study: Biomedical Sciences

Expected Graduation: Spring 2021

Alexis loves the medical field and is looking forward to sharing her talents and compassion throughout her internship in the Gambia. Alexis is hoping to make an impact on someone's life and create unforgettable memories.

Summer 2019 Bloggers: 

Amari Davis

Netherlands: Comparitive Criminal Justice  

Field of Study: Criminal Justice 

Expected Graduation: Spring 2020

Amari is a  22 years old UW Tacoma transfer student. She will be studying abroad in the Netherlands on the Comparative Criminal Justice program. While abroad, she will explore the Dutch justice system and analyze crime reduction techniques and receive education in regards to methods of interaction with high risk, vulnerable, and minority groups. She is very excited to be blogging this experience and can’t wait to show you all the attractions she encounters, along with the beautiful architecture and other unique aspects of Dutch culture!

Georgia Riffle 

Spain: Intensive Spanish in Alicante 

Field of Study: Business Management

Expected Graduation: Spring 2019

Georgia, in addition to her interest in people and their function within an organization, has a strong passion for traveling and learning the Spanish language. She will be studying at the University of Alicante in Spain this summer in hopes of strengthening her fluency and learning a new perspective from the Spanish people she's living with. Outside of school, Georgia enjoys lifting weights, reading books about psychology and nutrition, going to church, and being in the sunshine (hence why she's moving to Arizona)! Ultimately, her goal is to implement what she's learned in business school combined with international insight as she pursues a business operations role after graduation. 

Jessy Wolff

Brazil: Movements and Intersections 

Field of Study: Psychology, Global Engagement and Sociology 

Expected Graduation: Spring 2020

Jessy is studying abroad in Campo Grande, Brazil this summer. She believes this study abroad program will enhance her understanding of other cultures and ethnicities, as well as the effects of postcolonialism on South Americans. She looks forward to learning more about the sociopolitical and ecological issues that Brazilians currently face as well. 


Kazuaki Suhama 

China: Past and Present 

Field of Study: Global History and Asian Studies  

Expected Graduation: Winter 2020

An international student from Japan and Singapore, Kazuaki will be going to Guangzhou and Hong Kong in the China: Past and Present program for summer 2019. He is looking forward to learning about the history and culture of China. 

Early Fall 2019 Bloggers: 

Adrianna Zan  

CFHI: Doing More With Less- Healthcare in Southern Bolivia 

Field of Study: Biomedical Sciences

Expected Graduation: Spring 2020

Adrianna will be going to Bolivia to study healthcare in a remote location this summer before entering her fourth and final year at UW Tacoma. In Spring 2020 she will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences and a minor certificate in Asian Studies. Throughout her time at UW Tacoma she has been involved on campus by working in Housing and Residence Life and being a member and officer of the Filipino-American Student Association (FASA sa UWT). These experiences have shaped her as person, have helped her discover her identity and she hopes that this study abroad experience will have a similar effect. Adrianna is excited to fully immerse herself in the culture of Bolivia and in the study of global health as she begins her applications for medical schools. 

Urshula Dunn

From Sea to Shining Sea: Exploration of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives at the Ports of Washington and the Netherlands

Field of Study: Marketing and Economics 

Expected Graduation: Spring 2020

Urshula is a UW Tacoma student participating in The Netherlands: From Sea to Shining Sea program in early fall. As someone soon to be entering the business world, she expects the corporate social responsibility focus of this particular program to serve as a valuable insight of the direction large industries should be moving in. This will also be her first time studying abroad or travelling any farther than Canada. Besides the academic aspect, her interests in art, history and culture will make this an exciting and memorable experience.

Summer 2018 Bloggers: 

Follow along with the UW Tacoma students who will be studying abroad during summer and early fall of 2018 by reading their blogs here

Vanessa Emanuel

Ecuador: Spanish Language and Culture 

Field of Study: Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

Expected Graduation: Spring 2019

Vanessa will be participating in the study abroad program in Quito, Ecuador during Summer A Term. She has a love and fascination for Latino and Hispanic culture and is excited to learn and share her experiences with her peers. She is a very fun loving as outgoing person and is looking forward to meeting new friends and soaking up everything Ecuadorian culture has to offer.


An Nguyen 

Mainland China and Taiwan: Crossing the Strait 

Field of study: Global Studies with a focus on East Asian studies, and minor in Criminal Justice

Expected graduation: Spring 2019

I was born in Vietnam and had moved to the United States nine years ago. My passion for traveling and learning about the world stems from my past of being an immigrant from a third-world country to a first-world country. And when I am talking about third, second and first world countries, it is their ideologies that I am talking about. The differences in the societies that I lived in opened my eyes. It made me more perceptible to the diverse world. Hence, my goal of becoming a world traveler.

With my passion and dream of world traveling, I am majoring in Global Studies and learning Chinese. Even though I do not know what I want my career to be, all I know is that I will be traveling for whatever job I will take on. In order to quench my traveling thirst, I will be attending a study abroad program called Mainland and China: Crossing the Strait.

Molica Chau

JSIS/Hellenic Studies Greece: Greece and Europe- Travelers, Migrants, and Tourists 

Field of study: Global Studies

Expected graduation: Winter 2019

Molica is senior at UW Tacoma. She is also a local artist in Tacoma, WA. She enjoys taking photos of street art and occasionally writes poetry. She will be attending the UW Seattle summer 2018 JSIS Greece Study Abroad Program.



Kaylen Vine 

Central Europe: Themes of Psychology in Culture, Heros, and Food

Field of Study: Psychology

Expected Graduation: Spring 2018

Kaylen is looking forward to exploring the novel cultural experiences afforded by the Central Europe: Themes of Psychology in Culture, Heroes, and Food study abroad program. She finds cultural competency and immersive interaction to be essential character building-blocks to an individual and anticipates expanding on her personal growth. This will be her first study abroad program and her last undergraduate courses before transitioning into graduate study

Early Fall 2018 Bloggers: 

Miles Cameron

Argentina: Urban Field Experience 

Field of Study: Sustainable Urban Development

Expected graduation: Spring 2019

My name is Miles Cameron and I am going to be going to Buenos Aires this August. I am excited to apply what I have learned in my Urban Studies classes to an international city with lots of culture and history.


Katlyne Clark 

Italy: When in Rome: Intercultural Business Communication

Field of study: Arts and Sciences; minor in Environmental Studies

Expected graduation: Spring 2019

My name Is Katlyne Clark. I am a full time professional working as a Compliance Coordinator and a full time student working towards my Bachelors Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. My current career goal is to combine my professional and educational experiences by going into public policy with an emphasis on environmental issues or social/community change. To aid in my educational goals and add some culture to my life, I will be studying Intercultural Communications in Rome, Italy for the early fall quarter for the When in Rome TBUS 490 program.