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First-generation students, who don't have a family history of higher education, are a group that makes UW Tacoma a very special place. Read their stories as they tell, in their own words, about the challenges they overcame on their path to success.

Apple Ortiz, UW Tacoma first-generation student

What does being First Gen mean to you?
Being First Gen means hard work and dedication. It means doing what others have not done before, and setting an example for those after.

What challenges have you experienced?
A challenge I have experienced is finding the will not to give up. Oftentimes one feels like giving up, but persistence is key. Believe, and you will achieve.

What strengths do you draw upon to persist?
I am very persistent and goal oriented. If I set a goal, I will accomplish it, no matter what the cost. That’s how I’ve gotten this far.

Who supports you?
First and foremost, I am supported by my family. My parents are my rock. Also, my girlfriend. Thanks to them, I am who I am.

What’s your major?
I am a senior in law and policy.

What advice do you have for other First Generation UW Tacoma students?
If it were easy, everyone would do it. Keep going and don’t give up, no matter what.

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June 5, 2018