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First-generation students, who don't have a family history of higher education, are a group that makes UW Tacoma a very special place. Read their stories as they tell, in their own words, about the challenges they overcame on their path to success.

Christie Peralta, UW Tacoma first-generation college student.What does being First Gen mean to you?
I’m still trying to piece together what being First Gen means to me because I hadn’t realized I even identified as such until this past year. Learning that there are others who have experienced the same obstacles as myself is reassuring.      

What challenges have you experienced?
I have really bad Imposter Syndrome. I continue feeling like I’m just getting by and need to make conscious efforts to convince myself that I’m deserving of all the opportunities I have.           

What strengths do you draw upon to persist?
I strive to put my best work forward in both my academics and work in ASUWT.

Who supports you?
Most of my support comes from my ASUWT team. Many of them have become close friends who help me strive toward success.

What’s your major?
I am a senior, with a major in business administration/management. I am ASUWT Director of Internal Affairs.

What advice do you have for other First Generation UWT students?
Explore outside of your comfort zone and get involved! College is a great time to explore new interests and UW Tacoma provides many opportunities to do so #beboundless

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June 5, 2018