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More information about Spring 2020 early check out and options for current residents is available on our website

Moving out of your assigned space is a multi-step process. Review the information on this page to ensure that you have all of the details you need to ensure a smooth and fee-free move-out. This page is updated regularly with new information regarding move-out deadlines.

What type of move-out do you need to complete?

The type of move-out that you will need to complete is based on your situation and if you are moving out during the year or during a traditional "closing" time for the residence hall.

Summer 2019 Move-Out

There are two scenarios for Summer move-out.
  • CONTINUING INTO AUTUMN QUARTER? Residents that are continuing into the Autumn quarter will be emailed information regarding intra-building moves and transitions. The keys to your Autumn quarter space will be available for pick-up starting at 1:00pm on Friday, August 23, 2019 from the Court 17 Front Desk. You must complete your moving process by 1:00pm on Friday, August 30, 2019. This includes completing a check-out appointment with your Community Assistant (CA) and returning your keys. Due to scheduled work in the residence hall, no late move-outs can be accommodated.

  • NOT CONTINUING INTO AUTUMN QUARTER? For residents that are NOT continuing into the Autumn quarter with a housing assignment must complete the move-out process with their Community Assistant by 12:00pm on Friday, September 13, 2019. This includes attending your check-out appointment and returning your keys. Due to scheduled work in spaces to prepare for Autumn quarter, no late check-outs can be accommodated.

Mid-Year Move-Out

If you are approved for a mid-year move-out, you will be communicated with specific instructions regarding your move-out deadline and steps to complete. In general, you will need to ensure that your space is "move-out ready" (see tips below!) and you will need to schedule a move-out appointment with your Community Assistant (CA).

Spring 2020 Move-Out

Spring move-out has three possible scenarios.
  • NOT STAYING FOR THE SUMMER? For residents not continuing to live in Court 17 for the Summer, move-out must be completed by Noon (12:00pm) on Saturday, June 13, 2020. Be sure to complete the move-out checklist and communicate with your roommate(s) to avoid cleaning and damage fees.

  • STAYING FOR THE SUMMER? If you have completed your Summer housing application and accepted the Summer housing offer, you will continue living in Court 17 until the start of the Summer quarter on TBA.

    While our goal is to minimize the number of moves a summer resident will make, most residents will be asked to move at least once. Information about Summer assignments will be emailed no later than TBA and will provide additional information about moves. Summer moves will occur between TBA and TBA depending on the availability of the spaces.

  • GRADUATING? Congratulations! Students participating in Commencement on TBA can request an extension of their housing agreement through 12:00pm on TBA by completing this form by no later than TBA.

    Be sure to complete the move-out checklist and communicate with your roommate(s) to avoid cleaning and damage fees.

Tips for a Smooth Move-Out

While moving out can be stressful, it doesn't have to be. By planning ahead and communicating with your roommate(s), you can successfully move out and avoid improper move-out and cleaning fees.

FIRST: Review All Move-Out Information

Knowing the move-out details is the first important step to vacating your space! This includes reviewing this website, chatting with your Community Assistant (or attending their floor meeting during regular closing times), checking your email for specific information to you, etc.

During regular closing times (Spring quarter): Community Assistants will have floor meetings where move-out information is covered. Check with your CA about the day/time/location for these meetings in the Spring quarter.

Second: Forward Your Mail

After move-out, Housing staff are not able to access individual mailboxes and will not accept packages for former residents. As you prepare to depart from Court 17, please be sure to update your address:
  1. Update your address using MyUW.
  2. Complete a USPS Change of Address, choosing an individual move.
Updating your address in MyUW will not automatically forward your mail. You must complete both steps.

Third: Complete Move-Out Checklist

It is important that roommates communicate about how they each will ensure that this checklist is completed. Any damage or improper move-out charges will be split between all residents.
  • Remove all non-University property from the room, bathrooms, closets, vanities, drawers and cabinets.

  • Move ALL furniture back to its original position; specifically the bed needs to be returned to its original location and height (if applicable).

  • Return the internet router and cable box to their original locations.

  • Remove everything off the interior walls, windows, ceilings, floors and doors (no sticky residue, tape, etc.).

  • Empty, dust, and wipe down drawers and closets.

  • Dispose of all trash & recycling in the designated areas in the trash rooms (DO NOT leave in hallways, bathrooms, or other common areas.)

  • Thoroughly clean the bathroom shower, toilet, sink and floor

  • Thoroughly clean the kitchen, including appliances, sink and floor

  • Close the blinds and turn off all lights.

Fourth: Schedule Move-Out Appointment

Schedule a move-out appointment with your Community Assistant (CA). During your appointment, your CA will ensure that you have completed the Move-out Checklist and assess your apartment for any damage and/or cleaning charges. Once completed, you will turn in your keys and access card and complete your Apartment Condition Report (ACR). You can then depart!

Move-Out Fees & Fines

When you are moving out of your space, here are some fees that you can avoid!

Improper Check Out
Did not complete proper process, failed to schedule, missed appointment
Late Check Out
Checked-out after designated time
Furniture Reset
Furniture was not returned to original position, including beds and bed heights (if applicable)
Additional Cleaning Fee
Per person, power affected area
Unreturned access card or desk drawer key*
*2nd and 5th floor residents only
$10.00 per card/key
Unreturned Mail Key $15.00 per key
Unreturned Apartment Key $100.00