2020 Study Abroad Fellowship Awardees

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Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship

**Due to COVID-19, these students are required to defer their awards until 2021.**

Natalye Guzman

Natalye Guzman (Spanish Language & Culture and Psychology, BA 2021)

Natalye planned to participate in the summer 2020 Spanish Language and Culture in Cusco, Peru program.
I've always wanted to visit South America; the Mesoamerican and Andean history fascinates me. I grew up understanding Spanish as I was born to Mexican parents, but I seek to recognize the complexities of Latinx culture. I intend to learn about different experiences on the continent of America in order to grasp a better understanding of the experience of immigrants and the Latinx community in the U.S.

Degan Hussein

Degan Hussein (Biomedical Sciences, BS 2022)

Degan planned to participate in the 2020-2021 academic year Korea University Exchange Program in Seoul, South Korea.
I will be participating in the Korean University Study Abroad, in South Korea for an academic year. I was inspired to apply to this program because my minor is Korean, and I wanted to spend some time in the country that I was studying. This will be my first time living alone, and I hope that it will be an impactful time away from home. One of my passions has always been learning languages so I am excited for this opportunity.

**Degan also received the Freeman-Asia Scholarship for her Korea University Exchange study abroad program.**

Nicole Hunter

Nicole Hunter (Communication, BA 2020)

Nicole planned to participate in the summer 2020 Vietnam: Peace and Social Change program.

Harmanjit Dhillon

Harmanjit Dhillon (Biomedical Sciences, BS 2021)

Harmanjit planned to participate in the early fall 2020 CFHI: Public Health and Community Medicine in Delhi, India program.


Office of Global Affairs Study Abroad Scholarships: 

Alannah Jonhson (Biomedical Science, BS 2021)

Alannah Johnson will be participating in The Gambia Study Abroad Internship Program. She was encouraged to apply for this study abroad program by her mother who did not get the chance to experience study abroad when she was younger. Alannah loves wild life and the large variety of species of animals all over the world. She hopes to work in the veterinary field after college. Allanah says, "It all started with watching Animal Planet as a child. I wanted to help animals and give them a chance that they may not have had without some help. I hope to one day work all over the world to give animals the second chance that they deserve, and I believe going on this program will give me a taste of what I can really do for the world and the animals that roam it." 

Moriah Rhone (Biomedical Science BS 2021))

Moriah is a first generation college student who will be participating in The Gambia Study Abroad Internship Program in winter 2020. This is Moriah's first time going abroad and she is excited to learn about the health, lifestyle, and community of The Gambia through a hands-on internship experience. Moriah currently works at the UWT Library and looks forward to more opportunities to travel, grow, and meet other people.

Alexis Wilhelm (Biomedical Science, BS 2021)

Alexis will be studying abroad in The Gambia Study Abroad Internship Program during the Winter 2020. She loves the medical field and is looking forward to sharing her talents and compassion throughout her internship. Alexis is hoping to make an impact on someone's life and create unforgettable memories.