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The UW Tacoma Nursing faculty and staff recognize that beginning graduate education can be a significant life change. To ease the transition into the Master of Nursing Program, UW Tacoma provides a wide range of services including an MN Program orientation, writing workshops, computer workshops, library orientations, and personal counseling services. In addition, advisors assist students throughout the MN Program. These advising roles are described below.

Types of MN Advising

Graduate Program Coordinator
  • Advises, counsels and assists graduate students, or arranges and verifies that this service is provided by another member of the graduate faculty or advising staff
  • Ensures that special attention is given to newly admitted students and others with particular needs
Graduate Program Advisor
The MN Program Advisor works closely with all MN students to facilitate their adaptation to and progress in the MN Program, and with the assistance of the Graduate Program Coordinator:
  • Develops an initial program plan (course work) for the student
  • Makes changes to the program plan with approval of the Graduate Program Coordinator, faculty advisor for the curriculum option, or chair/faculty advisor, if the student has a Supervisory Committee
Curriculum Option Advisors

Advise, approve changes in program plan and courses to be taken outside of Nursing, and approves fieldwork placement and objectives until the graduate student has a chair.

Leader in Healthcare Delivery

Nurse Educator

  • Advises and counsels graduate student about remaining program of study; approves fieldwork placements and objectives; supervises project, thesis, or course work option for scholarly inquiry requirement