Course work option for scholarly inquiry

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Getting started:

  • Each student must have a committee, with a chair and a member
  • The proposal must be approved and signed by the committee, and submitted along with the forms for formation of a committee prior to taking the courses to be used for course work option
  •  The related human subjects form must be signed and submitted
  • Students pursuing this scholarly inquiry option should NOT take TNURS 598 scholarly inquiry seminar

The proposal:

Each student must submit a written proposal to his/her supervisory committee. The proposal must demonstrate that taking course work results in a cohesive logical program of study. Additional elements may be required by the supervisory committee

The proposal must:

  • Include the exact courses the student will take
  • Describe why these courses will best serve the student’s professional needs

  • Show a direct link between each course’s objectives and
    a) the goals for the curriculum option
         *Leader in Healthcare Delivery
         *Nurse Educator
    b) the MN Program Goals

  • Describe how completing these courses and potential course activities might constitute scholarly inquiry (use each course description and course objectives to guide your response)
  • Include criteria for the culminating paper

See 'Suggested outline for Course work Option for Scholarly Inquiry Proposals' for more details.

Requirements of the culminating paper:

  • Describe in detail the two additional courses taken, how these courses enabled the student to specifically meet one or more of  curriculum option learning outcomes and one or more MN program goals
  • Explain how the coursework reflects scholarly inquiry activity (e.g., what research was conducted? What evidence was acquired? Was a concept analyzed or researched? Were evidence-based best practices identified?)
  • Describe how coursework will be integrated with future professional goals
  • Student must enroll in 1 credit of TNURS 598 in order to have the culminating paper evaluated by the committee; should be completed in the final quarter at UWT
  • Student must submit one copy of the culminating paper with title page to the Chair for approval.

See the two suggested outlines for more details: 'Suggested Outline for Culminating Paper (2016 version)'; 'Suggested Outline for Culminating Paper (2020 version)'

Additional requirements:

  • All graduating students must complete the end of program survey. Students should be aware that they will take two, 500-level courses (minimum of three credits each) and 1 credit of TNURS 598, for a total of 7 credits. Students must take the courses for a grade and achieve a grade of 2.7 or higher. The student’s supervisory committee determines the format of the final examination, a requirement of the University of Washington Graduate School. Public presentation of coursework option at discretion of supervisory committee


Created by MNC; approved by UW Tacoma Nursing faculty May 2008; revised and approved Oct 22, 2013