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Jubilant BSN graduateApplications for graduation from the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program should be filed three quarters prior to expected date of graduation to ensure time to correct any deficiences. Applications will not be accepted after the end of the first week of the quarter of planned graduation. Filing an application the quarter of planned graduation is not recommended, since it does not allow time to make up any required courses or credits. Schedule an appointment to complete a graduation application.

To qualify for graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Washington Tacoma, a student also must complete the following University requirements:

  • Complete a minimum of 180 credits, at least 45 of which are taken in residence at UW Tacoma
  • Complete 45 of his or her last 60 credits as a matriculated student in residence at UW Tacoma. To seek an exception to this requirement, students should contact the Nursing Advisor, who will submit the request to the UW Tacoma Admissions, Academic Standards and Graduation Committee. If an exception is granted, the student still must present a minimum of 45 credits in residence as a matriculated student to be awarded a UW degree.
  • Remove any admission deficiencies
  • Complete all University Admission Requirements and nursing prerequisites
  • Have at least a 2.0 in each required course and a 2.0 cumulative UW Tacoma GPA at the time of graduation
  • Portfolio completion in TNURS 451. There are two papers required for the TNURS 451 Portfolio class, Statement of Future Goals and Summary of ProgressThese two papers rely on material you save to the E-Portfolio you created in TNURS 450.

    ​​1) Statement of Future Goals - You are required to keep a copy of your BSN Applicant Essay in your E-Portfolio. Your Statement of Future Goals paper will be your comparison of past goals (upon applying to the BSN program) and current professional goals as you reach graduation.

    2) Summary of Progress - As you progress through required courses in the BSN program, there are papers and presentations that you write/create. These will be the basis for your Summary of Progress paper. This paper is organized into four areas: critical thinking, communication, diversity and therapeutic nursing interventions. You are asked to provide evidence of meeting each of these program goals by including brief descriptions of products from coursework and relevant professional experiences. Exemplars from coursework in your portfolio may be cited as supporting evidence in meeting program goals. For example: "Critical Thinking: What evidence exists that documents your ability to be a critical thinker? Describe your skills in reasoning, analysis, research and decision making relevant to nursing." 

    Be sure to take time at the end of each quarter to save course materials to your E-Portfolio. By keeping all of your course products organized in your E-Portfolio, the required papers for TNURS 451 will practically write themselves.


Please contact Lindsey McBride if you have questions or concerns.

Diplomas may take several months to receive.  Typically, spring graduates receive their diplomas in September or October.