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Remember, several items are required to complete your application, and items such as transcripts and letters of reference often take several weeks to arrive. NOTE: Your application will not be reviewed for admission until all materials have been received.

Applying for admission to the Master of Nursing program is a two-part process requiring application to the University of Washington Graduate School and submission of required supplemental materials to the Master of Nursing program.

Step One: Apply to the UW Graduate School

Complete the online UW Graduate School application.

Step Two: Submit Official Transcripts and Supplemental Materials

  1. A current résumé: describe all RN work experience, with dates and positions and provide a brief description of responsibilities, including evidence of leadership in practice.  If applicable, describe experience related to chosen program area of interest. Identify professional involvement, awards, volunteer work, publications, and/or committee membership.

  2. Statement of goals to address the following:

    *Your essay is meant to convey information about why you are pursuing a graduate nursing degree, why you are choosing your desired area of study, and how your graduate experience is necessary for reaching your professional goals.

    *Review the UW Tacoma Master of Nursing "Philosophy of Graduate Education" and "Conceptual Framework for Graduate Education." Use this information to brainstorm ideas and identify the fit between yourself and the program philosophy.

    *Identify the MN study option you are intending to pursue.

    *Discuss your unique attributes and background and how these contribute to your understanding and goals in nursing.

    *Avoid outlines and lists. You will be evaluated in part on your ability to communicate effectively in writing.

    *The maximum length of the essay should not exceed three pages, typewritten and double spaced, using a 12-point font.

  3. Three Recommendations: 

    1) academic: an educator who can attest to your ability as a learner;

    2) supervisor: a supervisor (direct working relationship within the last two years) who can attest to your competence as a registered nurse;

    3) professional: a healthcare professional who can attest to your professionalism, especially integrity, not in an academic setting.