Leader in Healthcare Delivery

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The Leader in Healthcare Delivery curriculum option provides nurses with in depth knowledge and skills relating to leading in a healthcare environment of constant change. Graduates are leaders in care systems, governmental agencies or community organizations.

Students in this curriculum option achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Gain competencies in leadership behaviors
  • Develop skills related to human and fiscal resource management
  • Develop skills related to health care management, evaluation, and the ethics of health care systems and organizations
  • Gain competencies in clinical outcomes management
  • Evaluate policies that relate to healthcare delivery
  • Develop skills in the use and evaluation of technology in health care environments

Faculty advisor for Leader in Healthcare Delivery: Weichao Yuwen

Please contact Audrey Cox @ 253-692-4470 for advising.

Year 1
Quarter Course Credits
(6 credits)
T NURS 510: Society and Health 3
T NURS 557: Populations Health, Health Promotion, and Clinical Prevention 3
(8 credits)
T NURS 539: Healthcare Business Strategies: Optimizing Resources 3
T NURS 551: Translating Research into Nursing Practice 5
(7 credits)
T NURS 523: Assessment and Planning 3
T NURS 552: Organizational and Systems Leadership 3
T NURS 598: Scholarly Projects (seminar) 1

Year 2

Quarter Course Credits
Early Autumn
(3 credits)
T NURS 545: Essential Skills for Healthcare Leaders 3
(7 credits)
T NURS 527: Healthcare Systems and Health Policy 3
T NURS 561: Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation 3
T NURS 598: Scholarly Projects or TNURS 700: Master's Thesis 1-6
(8 credits)
T NURS 503: Advanced Fieldwork I 3
T NURS 556: Quality and Safety in Heathcare Settings 3
T NURS 598: Scholarly Projects or T NURS 700: Master's Thesis 1-6
(8 credits)
T NURS 505: Advanced Fieldwork II 3
T NURS 554: Informatics and Healthcare Technology 3
T NURS 598: Scholarly Projects or T NURS 700: Master's Thesis 1-6

Total credits


* Students selecting the thesis option will earn 50 credits.