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In an effort to decrease the fiscal and environmental costs of printing large student handbooks, the UW Tacoma Nursing program is committed to having all information relevant to current students easily accessible via the Web.

The list below provides URL sites needed to successfully navigate the Nursing program at the University of Washington Tacoma. Using these links, along with browsing the Nursing website periodically, will provide access to necessary resources.


UW Tacoma Catalog



Address change, MN email list


Graduate School policies

Academic Grievance Procedure

Graduate Student Policies and Services

Instructions, policies & procedures

Master's degree


Policies and Guidelines

Academic honesty

Email policy

Essential Behaviors



Mid-quarter academic warning

MN policies and guidelines

Petitions and transfer credits


Professional liability insurance protection

Research - using human subjects in research

Repeating Course Policy

Scholarly Inquiry

Scholarship standards

Social networking

Staying informed

Student Conduct Code

Student Health

Title page (sample)


Registration resources

Course descriptions

MyUW: portal for registration

Registration guide (deadlines, classes, tuition)