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Petition Form

Types of Petitions

There are three avenues for petitioning the Master of Nursing (MN) Program, all of which are processed through the UW Tacoma Nursing Program Office:

  1. An MN applicant who has earned a non-nursing baccalaureate degree may request to have the BSN admission requirement waived.
  2. An MN student may ask to transfer up to six quarter credits from other universities.  (See Graduate School Master’s Degree Policy for Transfer Credit.)  UW Tacoma Nursing will evaluate courses from recognized institutions that are accredited for graduate learning and nursing courses from institutions accredited by NLN or CCNE.
  3. A UW Tacoma BSN graduate who successfully completed MN courses during the program may ask to apply these credits to the MN degree.  (See Graduate School Memo 35: Concurrent Degree Programs.) 

Petitions are reviewed at the time of admission, so consult the Graduate Program Advisor for procedures.

Procedure for UW Tacoma Nursing Program and Graduate School Petitions

  • Once a MN applicant is admitted, the student meets with the Graduate Program Advisor regarding transferring course work or waiving requirements.
  • The Graduate Program Advisor reviews the student’s program plan and transcripts, provides advice and instructions to the student about the petition policy and process.
  • The student completes the written petition form (Word document). A clear statement of the reason for the petition is needed. If a student offers as evidence a comparable course, evidence of successful completion of the course, such as an official transcript and course description, must be provided.
  • The student submits the petition and documentation to the Graduate Advisor who makes a recommendation and forwards the recommendation to the Graduate Program Coordinator for action.
  • The Graduate Program Coordinator reviews the petition and recommends approving or not approving the petition.
  • In the case of UW Tacoma Nursing Petitions, the Graduate Program Advisor sends a copy to the student and retains a copy in the student file. If the Petition is a Graduate School Petition, the Graduate Advisor submits the petition online to the Graduate School.