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Documentation of student academic progress

For all Master of Nursing (MN) students, quarterly documentation is required by the University of Washington, Graduate School and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. If the student shows evidence of acceptable academic progress, documentation may be stated simply as “student is making satisfactory progress” in the specific electronic student record. For unsatisfactory progress, more detailed comments about the specific type of unsatisfactory progress with an action plan to correct the academic issue are needed. Please consult with the Graduate Advisor of Graduate Coordinator for the Graduate School’s specific requirements regarding students who are on probationary status or who are on warning.

The responsible faculty for quarterly documentation is the chair of the student’s thesis/scholarly project/coursework option committee. If a chair is not yet named, the faculty member responsible for the quarterly documentation is the advisor for the curriculum options (HealthCare Leadership and Nurse Educator). The Graduate Program Coordinator is responsible for the quarterly documentation of students who are on a Graduate Non‐Matriculated (GNM) status.

Documentation is required when MN students encounter academic, professional, or personal issues that impede their academic progress. For all students, faculty, chairs, and/or faculty curricula option advisors who have knowledge of students’ cognitive, professional, or other limiting behaviors, such as those outlined in the essential behaviors document, should document the issue.

The procedures for the quarterly documentation of MN students are as follows:

  1. Graduate Program Advisor will distribute a list of students to the Graduate Program Coordinator that notes their Grade Point Average (GPA), course grades below 2.7, and incomplete grades by the third Monday after the start of the academic quarter. Faculty chair or faculty of contact (Curriculum Option Advisors) will be documented on this list.
  2. An overall GPA of 3.0 with no incompletes and no failed course(s) is required for satisfactory progress. If the student’s progress is not satisfactory, the student needs to meet with his/her faculty chair or faculty to contact to develop and academic plan. GNM students are required to meet with the Graduate Program Coordinator.
  3. Faculty will complete documentation of academic progress or the academic plan in the student’s electronic record by the last Friday of the month in which the list of students was distributed.
  4. During the second month of the quarter, the MN Committee will conduct a random check for compliance of student academic progress documentation. The results of the random check will be documented in the MN Committee’s meeting minutes.
  5. Every student receives documentation of progress in writing annually.
  6. Any student not making satisfactory progress, with respect to individual course grade, cumulative GPA, complying with the “essentials” or progress on scholarly inquiry requirements, will be notified in writing on a quarterly basis.
  7. Students may repeat only one core course one time.  Students may repeat only one curriculum option course one time.

Approved by Nursing Faculty, January 27,2009. Revised February 23, 2010. Revised January 31, 2012.