Communities of Practice

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On October 27th, OCP hosted the Creating Communities of Practice (CoP) community event.  The goal for this virtual event was to introduce the idea of a community of practice and talk about several topics of great interest to our community.  The conversations and connections formed were successful first steps and we extend an open invitation for anyone to join these communities of practice to deepen our shared commitment to the creation of an equitable and socially just region, where everyone thrives.

Attainable Housing
Education: Social & Emotional Learning
Food Systems/ Food Insecurity
Indigeneous Knowledge
Emerging Topics

OCP will play a role in facilitation and support for the CoP's collective work, as it expands and evolves.  Depending on its needs and goals, our support includes (but is not limited to) scheduling additional meetings, expanding the circle of partnerships by introducing additional individuals who are interested in the topic(s), or offering modest financial support for activities which directly support and sustain efforts to advance the goals for your community of practice.

If you are interested in learning more and getting connected to these CoPs, contact us at