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The Office of Community Partnerships Faculty Fellows program supports faculty collaborator groups to develop and integrate publically-engaged activities with teaching or scholarship for the public good. Each Faculty Fellow group, selected annually through a competitive application and review process, receives up to $10,000 funding to establish communities of practice that focus on existing and new partnerships and actively include community partners in their ongoing co-learning and co-production processes.

Expected Activities and Outcomes:

  • Expand our circle of partnerships and build collaborative communities of faculty/staff/partners who work on shared interests.
  • Explore and develop theories and practices of community-engaged scholarship.
  • Gain an understanding of ethics and practices of sharing and co-creating public knowledge and disseminate the findings.
  • Experiment with expanding our collaboration with other institutions of higher learning in the region and beyond.
  • Expand the circle of community-engaged scholars.



Announcing the call for applications for its 2021 Faculty Fellows in Community Engagement.  The purpose of the Faculty Fellows Program is to support, strengthen, and formalize community-based engagement at UW Tacoma.  Each fellowship will support faculty collaborator teams to a) develop communities of practice that focus on existing and new partnerships and actively include community partners in their ongoing co-learning and co-production processes and b) integrate community-based learning with teaching or scholarship for the public good.  Faculty Fellows are selected annually through a competitive application and review process.  Each fellowship’s maximum funding level is $10,000 and will be available for one year (January-December 2021).


Applications for the Faculty Fellow program open September 16, 2020 and close at 5:00pm (PST) on Monday, November 9, 2020.

Apply by: NOVEMBER 9


  • Hold a full-time faculty or instructional position at UW Tacoma.  Effective Autumn 2020, this includes those with Teaching Faculty titles.
  • Each application must have at least one faculty lead (who must be based at UW Tacoma) and one or more faculty or staff collaborators.  Applications which have two or more collaborators are highly encouraged.  Collaborators can be faculty or staff from other UW campuses and/or other colleges and universities. 
  • Each application should have at least one community partner named on the project proposal.  If applicants are seeking to identify partners/partnerships, please indicate that on the application. 
  • Have deep commitment to ethics of engagement.
  • Have an interest in current and future community engagement activities.  Applications are encouraged by any faculty member interested in advancing community engagement communities of practice on campus, regardless of their level of prior experience with community engagement work.
  • Have the ability to collaborate individually or in groups with faculty across disciplines and across the campus/university, as well a diversity of community partners.
  • Be willing to organize and manage their respective communities of practice (e.g., organizing meetings, interacting with OCP staff as needed, etc.).

Requirements & Expectations

We expect that Faculty Fellows will:

  • Serve as advocates and resources for community or publically engaged activities in their home unit.
  • Give a public presentation about your project/activity and experience as a Faculty Fellow during an event hosted by OCP at the end of the calendar year (during Autumn 2021 quarter).
  • Submit their community engagement activities into Collaboratory, OCP’s engagement database which exists to create a unified database of community partners and partnerships in the UWT community.
  • Submit Project Reports:
    • Summer 2021: Submit a mid-year status report, outlining the activities, accomplishments, and challenges of the project. This summary of 1-2 pages will be due on August 15, 2021.
    • Autumn 2021: Submit a final report by December 31, 2021 outlining the outcome of the project. This written report should be 2-3 pages and address each of the following items:
      • Summarize the project and completed work/results.
      • How did UWT, community partner/s, and student/s (if applicable) benefit from the project?
      • Provide project assessment and the impact of the project activities/objectives.
      • Summarize project highlights and challenges.
      • Outline future plans for expanding Faculty Fellows partnership work, and the possibility of the project’s continuity/sustainability.
  • Follow all UW spending policies & procedures for fellowship expenses.  State funds are used to support our Faculty Fellow program.  Funding cannot be used for course releases.  Budgeted salaries must include benefits. Note: Funding cannot be used for salary or excess compensation if the awardee is on a paid professional leave (e.g. sabbatical).  Some exceptions apply; refer to UW Academic Affairs for policy on paid professional leave and excess compensation.

Application checklist

  • Application
  • Budget request (use this Excel template)
  • School Dean or Vice Chancellor approval
  • School/Unit budget coordinator approval
  • Optional:  Letter of support from community partner

How to apply

To apply, click on the application button (below).  Complete all sections of the application and upload your budget by by 5:00pm (Pacific Standard Time) on Monday, November 9, 2020.

Apply by: NOVEMBER 9


If you have questions or need help with your application, attend a virtual Application Workshop & Q&A or request an individual consultation with OCP by emailing ocp@uw.edu.

Application Workshop
Tuesday, October 20th from 12:30-1:30pm
Zoom:  https://washington.zoom.us/j/9847333469



Q:  Can my project/activity have more than one person who shares the lead role?

A:  Yes.  Our criteria stipulates at least one faculty in the lead role and at least one other faculty or staff collaborator or co-lead for each project/activity.  However, there can be more than one co-leaders and collaborators.  Collaborators are involved in the project withouth a leadership role.  At a minimum each proposal must have at least 3 individuals involved - one (1) faculty lead, one (1) faculty or staff co-lead or collaborator, and one (1) community partner.  The application asks you to indentify one primary faculty member as the primary point of contact. 

Q:  Can I apply for a Faculty Fellowship more than once? 

A:  Applications are accepted by faculty who have never recieved funding through this program in the past.  If you applied and were not funded in the past, your application is welcome again.  If you were a participant on a current or past Faculty Fellow project, you may apply as the lead or co-lead faculty member. 

Q:  Can the award funds be used to pay faculty, staff, or students?

A:  Yes, however there are factors that impact when someone can be paid.  Each application requires an itemized budget request and a justification all expenses.  While compensation to faculty is allowable, support and compensation to community partner(s) are preferable.  We recommend that you contact OCP before you submit an application and to prepare their budget requests based on the type of support needed, whether it be as compensation, support for the community partners, students, staff, or as reimbursement for approved expenses (e.g. travel, materials, training, supplies, etc.). 

Q:  Do I have to have experience with community engagement and partnership development in order to apply?

A:  No.  We encourage applications from faculty interested in developing new projects/activies with new community partners.  The intent of the program is to foster and support new or continuing community engaged projects. 

Q:  Who should I contact if I have questions?

A:  Attend a virtual Application Workshop & Q&A (details above).  You may also request an individual consultation with OCP by emailing ocp@uw.edu or contact any member of the OCP team directly.

Q:  How will the award decisions be made?

A:  OCP will have a selection committee consisting 3-4 faculty & 1-2 staff members who will review each complete application in full and meet as a committee to discuss each application.  Selection committee members will base its decisions on the stated award criteria and qualifications.

Q:  Can faculty from other UW campuses be a part of the faculty collaborator groups? 

A:  Yes, but the lead faculty member needs to be based at UW Tacoma. 



2020-21 Faculty Fellows

At the conclusion of the 2020-21 award cycle (Spring 2021), OCP will host a public event where each Faculty Fellow will give a public presentation about their community engagement project.

  • The Well Being for Life and Learning in Nursing Project - Dr. Robin Evans-Agnew
  • Developing online resources and trainings on self-care for Catherine Place - Dr. Jane Compson
  • Multilingual UX Community of Practice - Dr. Alison Cardinal
  • Community-Engaged Pedagogy Community of Practice - Dr. Anaid Yerena and Dr. Ruben Casas
  • ALAS: Adolescent Latinas Advancing Salud mental through Storytelling - Dr. Ariana Ochao Camacho