Grading Procedures

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Grade-Point Average (GPA)

The University's cumulative GPA is based solely on courses taken in residence at the UW; this includes some, but not all, courses taken through UW Extension. The UW transcript also reflects grades for UW Extension course work that is not residence credit, and the grades for credit by examination. These latter grades do not affect the University cumulative GPA.

Computation of GPA

The GPA for graduation is computed by dividing the total cumulative grade points by the total graded credits attempted for courses taken in residence at the University. Grade points are calculated by multiplying the number of credits by the numeric value of the grade for each course. The sum of the grade points is then divided by the total graded credits attempted. Courses elected on an S/NS basis are counted as follows: Satisfactory grades are printed on the permanent record as an S and do not count in the quarterly or cumulative GPA, but they do count as credits earned toward graduation. Not-satisfactory grades, NS, do not count in the quarterly and cumulative GPA and do not count as credits earned toward graduation.

Examples of how to calculate your GPA:

Example 1:

TWRT 211 3 X 0.0 = 0.0
TMATH 324 5 X 2.9 = 14.5
TCSS 390 5 X 3.2 = 16.0
  +       +
=  13 total credits attempted         =  30.5 total grade points
Total credits earned toward graduation: 10
Total graded credits attempted: 13
Total grade points: 30.5
To calculate the Grade Point Average (GPA):  30.5 ÷ 13 = 2.35 GPA
The total graded credits attempted (13 credits), not the credits earned (10), are used in computing the GPA.

Example 2:

TBUS 300 5 X 2.3 =


TBUS 310 5 X 2.9 = 14.5
TBUS 320 5 X I = 0.0
  +       +
  =  10 credits completed (5 are incomplete       = 26.0 total grade points
Total credits earned toward graduation: 10
Total graded credits attempted: 15
Total grade points: 26
Grade point average = 26.0 ÷ 10 = 2.60

The student attempted 15 credits, but has not received an incomplete (I) for TBUS 320, so only 10 are graded initially; the I is not computed in the grade point average. If the work in TBUS 320 is not made up by the end of the following quarter, the I will convert to a numeric grade of 0.0 and the grade point average will be recomputed and the 15 total credits attempted will now used to re-calculate the grade point average. When a grade of 0.0 is received, it is computed in the grade point average, but no credit is awarded toward graduation.

Change of Grade

Except in case of error, no instructor may change a grade that he or she has turned in to the Registrar. Grades cannot be changed after a degree has been granted.

Grade Appeal Procedure

A student who believes that the instructor erred in the assignment of a grade, or who believe a grade recording error or omission has occurred, shall first discuss the matter with the instructor before the end of the following academic quarter (not including summer quarter).

  • If the student is not satisfied with the instructor's explanation, the student, no later than ten days after his or her discussion with the instructor, may submit a written appeal to the director or the dean of the department that offered the course, with a copy of the appeal also sent to the instructor. Within ten calendar days, the director or dean will consult with the instructor to ensure that the evaluation of student's performance was fair and reasonable or whether the instructor's conduct in assigning the grade was arbitrary or capricious. Should the dean or director believe the instructor's conduct to be arbitrary or capricious and the instructor declines to revise the grade, the director or the dean, with the approval of the voting members of his or her faculty, shall appoint an appropriate member, or members, of the faculty of that department to evaluate the performance of the student and assign a grade. The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Provost will be informed of this action.

Once a student submits a written appeal, this document and all subsequent actions on this appeal are recorded in written form for deposit in a department, school or college file.

Additional information on grade appeals can be found in UW Student Governance and Policies under Change of Grade - Written Appeal of Grade Error.

Grade Reports

Grades are not mailed. You may display and print a grade report through MyUW.