Quarter-Off Eligibility

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If you are an undergraduate student who has completed the preceding quarter here at the University of Washington Tacoma, you may take a quarter off under the Quarter-Off Eligibility Policy. The Quarter-Off Eligibility Policy is not available to graduate students.

Quarter-Off Policy for Undergraduate Students

Subject to college, school and departmental enrollment policies, undergraduate students who have completed a quarter may take the following quarter off and remain eligible to register in Registration Period I for the subsequent quarter without re-applying. For example, a student completing autumn quarter may, without registering for or completing winter quarter, register during Registration Period I for spring quarter without re-applying as a returning student.

If a student withdraws from a quarter and does not enroll in the following quarter (not including summer quarter), he or she must submit an Returning Student Application for readmission through the Office of Registrar by the posted admission deadlines.  Additionally, students who do not attend two or more consecutive quarters will need to re-apply for admission by the posted admission deadlines. Summer quarter enrollment is not required to maintain continuous registration eligibility.

Any quarter from which a student has completely withdrawn, or from which she or he is canceled, does not constitute a completed quarter. Summer quarter enrollment is not required to maintain continuous registration eligibility.

Please note: Your U-PASS will not be active for any quarters in which you are not enrolled in classes.

Graduate students are governed by the On-leave Policy

The quarter-off eligibility policy does not apply to graduate students. Graduate students are required to maintain continuous enrollment. Students who desire to take a quarter of quarters off without going through the reinstatement process must apply for for on-leave status for each quarter they do not wish to register. To be eligible for on-leave status, graduate students must be in good standing, currently registered in a graduate student status or on-leave status and have completed at least one quarter of graduate study at UW Tacoma prior to filing an on-leave petition. Graduate students are not eligible for a U-PASS while on-leave.

Graduate students requesting on-leave status must submit an online Request for On-Leave Status via MyGrad Program. For a given quarter, students can submit the request as early as two weeks prior to the first day of instruction and no later than the 10th day of the quarter and must submit payment of the non-refundable fee no later than 5:00 pm on the last day of instruction. Leave is granted on a quarterly basis, though the following students may request up to four consecutive quarters of leave at one time: PCMI students, military personnel with deployment orders, and some UW Fulbright grantees (with the exception of military personnel with deployment orders, these students will be required to pay the fee for each quarter of leave requested).

There is a $35 non-refundable fee that must be paid with the Request for On-Leave Status. Read the online instructions or consult with your graduate program adviser for more information about the on-leave process.