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Registration Resources & Help

Registration Resources

The Office of the Registrar is ready to support students with registration and other processes. There are many online resources to help understand the UW registration process. 

Prepare to Register

Required Pre-Registration Steps

You are required to confirm your address and acknowledge pre-registration notices which may include optional charges, directory release settings and other information. Important messages and notifications are displayed on the registration page at the beginning of each quarter. Students must complete pre-registration steps before registering for courses each quarter.

Pre-Registration Process Tutorial Video

Click here to watch a tutorial video on the pre-registration process that is completed every quarter.


The University of Washington offers two ways to navigate academic options and register for classes. Learn more about MyPlan and registration with SLNs below. Visit the Registration Comparison webpage for more information. You may also review the registration tutorial, created by University Academic Advising staff.

Registering with MyPlan

MyPlan is a web application that streamlines the process of planning classes and collaborating with your academic advisor. MyPlan includes a multifunction course-finding tool that allows students to search the UW Tacoma Course Catalog and Time Schedule for classes that meet a number of different criteria including interest keywords, department, Area of Knowledge, number of credits, course level, when the course is scheduled to be offered and whether or not you've already included it in your plan.

Classes can be added to any quarter of a four- or five-year plan or bookmarked for future reference, keeping all your course ideas in one place. MyPlan includes a degree auditing system to tell you what classes are needed for any course of study at the University and which of those classes you've completed so you don't have to keep track of it by hand. MyPlan also features a messaging function so you can easily share your plans with an academic advisor.


Log-in to MyPlan

MyPlan User Guides

Registering with SLNs

Using the Registration section of MyUW, students can access online registration, acknowledge important notifications, and select insurance and optional charges.

  • Take care of all pre-registration steps prior to registration opening.
  • View any notices and messages related to or blocking registration.
  • Register by entering SLNs for desired course sections.
  • Drop courses.
  • Change grading options.

To register, login to MyUW and select “Register using SLN codes” from the Quick Links menu.


Select the Time Schedule link under Registration Resources to view course offerings, course availability, and other registration restrictions. Each course is assigned a five-digit SLN.


Enter course SLNs on the web registration form, including any add codes or faculty numbers if required. For courses offered with variable credit, enter the credit number agreed upon with the instructor or an adviser.

Students can check Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory (S/NS) if they do not want to take a course for a numerical grade. This option is not available for courses offered Credit/No Credit Only. Students should check with their adviser regarding departmental restrictions or graduation requirements before selecting the S/NS grading option.

Helpful Tips

Registration opens at 6 am on your scheduled registration date. Register early for the best selection of classes. You can adjust your schedule at any time through the first week of classes.

  • Remember, you must register for at least one class before the quarter begins or you will be subject to a $25 late registration fee.
  • Talk with your advisor before selecting your courses or use the degree auditing (DARS) system to make sure you are taking the right courses for your degree plan.
  • Obtain entry codes or submit course enrollment requests from the appropriate program office for any courses requiring entry codes (indicated with a ">" in front of the SLN).
  • Take care of all university financial obligations.

The system will not permit you to register if there is a hold on your registration. Once you have initially registered, you can log in to MyUW as often as you want to check the status of sections, view your confirmed schedule, add or drop courses, or check your account balance.

Notify.UW Course Notifications

Notify.UW provides free course notifications for closed and open course sections to all UW students via email or SMS text alerts. The service also provides notifications when a course first closes, allowing you to re-evaluate your desired schedule each quarter. Notify.UW is integrated with other UW registration tools including the Time Schedule and MyUW.

Log-in to Notify.UW

Notify.UW User Guides


Time Schedule

Navigating the Time Schedule (Tutorial Video)

Click here to watch a tutorial video on navigating the time schedule. You may also view these steps in a PDF document.

Time Schedule Quick Search & Tentative Time Schedules

UWT-IT has developed custom search tools to help UW Tacoma students easily locate courses on the Time Schedule.

The Time Schedule Quick Search filters through current or subsequent quarters.

The Tentative Time Schedule Search (TTS) allows students to see what academic departments are planning to offer in future quarters.

Other Resources

Click here to see a breakdown of a course listing on the Time Schedule.


Contact us with questions regarding registration. When asking about specific courses, please reference the course SLNs.


Phone: 253-692-4913

Staff are available on live chat
Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm.