Room Preferences

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In order to optimize the use of our spaces, building preferences and room features are taken into consideration, instead of specific classroom requests.  An example would be to request JOY (building) and Tacoma Auditorium (feature) and the available spaces are JOY 117 and JOY 215.  Your Time Schedule Administrator has been trained in providing scheduling information in this manner.

Keep in mind that indicating room preferences is not a guarantee that you will get the space/feature you requested.  Please understand that every effort will be made by the Office of the Registrar to find a room to meet your teaching requirement.

How to Enter Room Preferences


Features available in TS Construction

Tacoma Auditorium

Spaces have tiered seating with fixed tables. Chairs may or may not be fixed, depending on the space.

Tacoma Computer Classroom

Spaces are equipped with individual student PC computer stations.

Tacoma Film Room

Spaces that are ideal for showing films and do not have windows or are equipped with blackout shades. Specifics of these spaces are to be defined.

Tacoma Movable Tables/Chairs

Spaces are equipped with tables on casters and chairs.

Tacoma Seminar Table

Spaces are furnished with a large conference room table, or are typically configured in a conference room layout.

Tacoma Tablet Armchairs

Spaces are equipped with individual desks or node seating, rather than traditional tables/chairs.

Tacoma Video Capture

Spaces are equipped with wall-mounted video cameras to support lecture capture technology.