Specialty & General Features

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Smart Classroom: These spaces are equipped with technology necessary for video and data presentations. All general assignment classrooms fall under this category.

Auditorium: These spaces have tiered seating with fixed tables. Seating may or may not be fixed, depending on the space.

Film Room: These spaces do not have windows and are equipped with a 35mm slide projector. All film rooms are auditoriums.

Seminar Room: These spaces are furnished with one large conference room table, rather than separate tables and chairs or tablet arm chairs.

Collaborative Room: These are flexible learning smart classrooms equipped with additional PCs and monitors mounted along the perimeter.

Video Capture: These spaces are equipped with wall-mounted video cameras (instead of web cameras) that enable video capture.

Computer Room: These spaces are equipped with the same technology as smart classrooms, with the addition of individual student computer workstations.

Breakout Room: These are small-sized collaboration rooms intended for group work. Breakout rooms are not a feature in the Time Schedule Construction, therefore they are reserved differently. Please see your Time Schedule Administrator to request breakout rooms for your course.