Time Schedule Production Calandar for 2018-19

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Time Schedule Production Calendar for 2018-19

2018-2019 UW Tacoma Time Schedule Production Calendar

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Note: This calendar is intended for the sole purpose of UW Time Schedule Coordinators and Registrar’s Office. The dates listed here are not a definitive commitment and subject to change with or without prior notice or publication here. 



UW Tacoma Specific Dates - Time Schedule Construction Available (dates are approximate & depend on Seattle/Bothell) approx Nov 2017 approx Jan 2018 approx Mar 2018 approx Mar 2018
UW Tacoma Specific Dates - Time Schedule Construction Off. 
TS Construction Notifications due.
3/2/18 9/7/18 11/30/18 1/4/18
Dead Period - No email requests for additions or changes will be processed. Room preview is sent on last day of dead period, if not earlier. 3/5/18-4/6/18 9/10/18-10/5/18 12/3/18-1/11/19 1/7/19-1/25/19
SLNs assigned. TS Update available to Time Schedule Coordinators the next day. No enrollment limit changes are allowed on TS Update until after dead period. 3/19/18 9/10/18 12/17/18 1/7/19
UW Tacoma Tentative Time Schedule Posted 3/5/18 4/13/18 4/13/18 1/4/19
Time Schedule available on the Web 4/13/18 10/12/18 1/25/19 2/1/19
Registration Begins 5/4/18 11/2/18 2/8/19 4/15/19