Tuition Components

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Required Fees

Special Course and Laboratory Fees

Some courses have additional expenses associated with them and, in such cases, the university may charge course fees in amounts that approximate the added instructional or laboratory costs.

Technology Fee

The Technology Fee is used in whole or in part, the costs of providing and maintaining services to students that include, but are not limited to the following: access to the internet, email, computer and multimedia workstations and laboratories, computer software and dial-up telephone services. Part-time students (those paying less than full-time tuition) are charged on a prorated basis. The fee is included on the quarterly tuition billing.

Services and Activities Fee

These fees are paid by each enrolled student every quarter and are used to fund student activities and programs. These programs include ASUWT student government, Student Activities Board (SAB), student publications (e.g. the Ledger, Tahoma West), the Childcare Assistance Grant Program, intramurals, special speakers/events, and many other student services. The funds are allocated by the Services and Activities Fee Committee (SAFC), comprised of students and advisers.

University Y Student Center Fee

This fee is assessed to fund the University Y Student Center. All students who are enrolled for credit and charged tuition are assessed this quarterly fee and have access to the University Y Student Center as well as other YMCA facilities in Pierce and Kitsap counties. This fee, voted on and approved by students, is included on the quarterly tuition billing.


The U-PASS is a bus pass that is integrated with your Husky ID card and allows full fare coverage on Community Transit, Everett Transit, Kitsap Transit, Metro Transit, Pierce Transit and Sound Transit buses. In addition, it covers the full fare for the Sounder commuter train service, Link light rail, paratransit services and subsidizes vanpool fares. The fee is $45 per quarter for students ($20 per quarter for student who reside in Thurston County). Questions about getting a U-Pass and terms of use.