Tuition Forfeiture Policies

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Tuition Forfeiture Policies

Autumn Quarter 2020

The following chart lists tuition and fees and what is charged according to the date of the drop in credits, or complete withdrawal. Please be aware the calendar day starts on the first day of the quarter and includes weekends and holidays.

September 30 - October 6 1st- 7th 0% $0
October 7 - 29 8th - 21st 50% $20
October 30 or later 22nd day or later 100% $20

Class Drop Deadlines for Tuition Forfeiture

For details on specific dates related to these policies, please visit the Academic Calendar.

  • By the 7th calendar day of the quarter - Full credit received for any reduction in tuition due to the drop.
  • Between the 8th & 30th* calendar days - Refunds of one-half of the tuition reduction associated with the drop, in addition to a $20 Late Change of Registration fee.
  • After the 30th* calendar day - No reduction in tuition, in addition to a $20 Late Change of Registration fee.

*21st calendar day during summer quarter

Withdrawal Deadlines for Tuition Forfeiture

Tuition owed will be based on the date the complete withdrawal is received. Students who withdraw may be entitled to a refund of all or a portion of the tuition and fees for a given quarter depending on when the withdrawal is completed. Official Withdrawals are NOT accepted after the last day of instruction for the quarter.

For details on specific dates related to these policies, please visit the Academic Calendar.

  • By the 7th calendar day of the quarter - Pay no tuition.
  • Between the 8th & 30th calendar day* of the quarter - Are required to pay half tuition.
  • After the 30th calendar day* of the quarter  - Are required to pay full tuition.

Please note: calendar days include weekends and holidays. *21st calendar day in Summer Quarter

Note: You will be charged a tuition forfeiture fee, if you make changes to your schedule or withdraw completely beginning on the 8th calendar day of the quarter.

The tuition forfeiture schedule for drops or complete withdrawal from the University is as follows:

  • Students who withdraw on or before the seventh calendar day of the quarter do not pay tuition.
  • Students who withdraw from the 8th calendar day through the 30th calendar day of the Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters or from the 8th to the 21st calendar day for Summer quarter are charged one-half of their tuition (50% forfeiture).

Note: If you drop from one tuition rate to another such as dropping below full-time, or dropping from over 18 credits to below the 18 credit surcharge threshold, you will be charged the tuition rate for the number of credits that you are now taking, plus one-half of the difference between full-time and your new rate.

  • Students who withdraw after the 30th calendar day will continue to owe full tuition.

The following principles apply to complete withdrawal from the University:

  • Courses dropped as part of a complete withdrawal from the university during the first two weeks of a quarter are not recorded on the student’s UW transcript; however, the date of the complete withdrawal is recorded.
  • A recipient of veterans benefits should immediately notify the Office of Veteran and Military Services of withdrawal.
  • A student with financial aid, which could include scholarships or loans, awarded through the university should notify the Office of Student Financial Aid of withdrawal.

Submitting a Waiver of Tuition or Fees Petition

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Tacoma Tuition Forfeiture Petition

Forfeiture fees may be waived for specific reasons. If your circumstance falls within the stated guidelines, you are encouraged to submit the petition and required supportive materials to be reviewed. If you are a new student and this is your first quarter, no supportive materials are required.

Supportive Material








Required Documentation


A. Disability / Illness Illness of the student of such severity or duration that completion of the quarter is precluded


One of the following that applies specifically to the quarter requested in your petition:

  • A completed Health Care Provider Verification form, or
  • A letter from your physician on their professional letterhead which includes the date of your medical visit, the description and duration of your condition, and impact to your attendance at the University-why it prevented you from attending the university


Note: Materials may be verified directly with the provider at the discretion of the Petitions committee.


B. Call to active U.S. military duty


Call to active military duty after the 7th calendar day of the quarter


Your military orders showing the effective date of deployment
C. Death Death of the student or member of the immediate family (parent, spouse, domestic partner, child, sibling, grandparent)


Materials of both the death and your relationship to the deceased must be provided.


Examples of documentation would include a death certificate, a copy of remembrance of a service, a funeral notice, etc.


D. University Error Student incorrectly advised by UW representative


A statement explaining how the University of Washington was in error from the responsible UW personnel, either:

  • In an email originating from the individual's UW email address, or
  • On official UW letterhead from the University department


E. Other


The reason does not fall within any other guidelines and/or:

  • New student: This is your first quarter at the UW and the petition is being filed within the current quarter
  • Extenuating circumstances: The student has a well-documented and reasonable justification for submitting the petition



Any materials that can be provided to support your "reasonable justification."


Note: Petitions under the guideline of other for reasons other than new student require a special committee review and will require documented justification


RCW 28B.15.600

Getting Your Refund

Refunds from tuition and fee payments are sent to the student directly:

  • To receive refunds directly to your bank account, you must setup for Direct Deposit.
  • If you do not have Direct Deposit setup, a check will be automatically sent to your local address on file. Please make sure your local address is up to date.

Availability of refunds is determined by the method of payment used. Payments made by check or webcheck require 10 business days to refund. Credit card payments become eligible for refund 30 calendar days after date of payment. The University is not able to track the origin of each payment. Exceptions to this are scholarship payments which are returned to the sponsor.

Withdrawals or Refunds for Financial Aid Recipients

If you are a financial aid recipient and withdraw from all of your classes, any refund of university charges will be returned to the financial aid programs. The general tuition refund policy for the University is available at Student Fiscal Services. The portion of the aid returned will be based on the number of days remaining in the quarter divided by the number of days in the quarter. Please be aware that if you withdraw from all classes within the first 60% of the quarter, you may owe immediate repayment of a portion of the aid you received. Please review guidelines for Withdrawal and Refund from Student Financial Aid or contact a Financial Aid Advisor for further information at

Also Note: You must be registered for a full-time credit load (a minimum of 12 credits for undergraduates and professional students; and a minimum of 10 credits for graduate students) in order for financial aid, except Stafford Loans, to be disbursed. If you have been awarded aid as a less than full-time student, see the Financial Aid Office for minimum credit load information.