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Withdrawal Policies for Autumn, Winter, or Spring Quarters

It is your responsibility to withdraw from your courses if you will unable to attend for the quarter. You may withdraw from all of your classes through the last day of instruction.

Announcement: Updated Hardship Withdrawal and Tuition Forfeiture Instructions Due to COVID-19

If you drop your last course and do not add a course, you will be considered to have withdrawn for the quarter. Complete withdrawal cannot be done on MyUW after the first week of the quarter. Beginning the second week of the quarter, you will be charged a change of registration fee, if you drop your last course plus any tuition forfeiture.

You will need to a complete the Official Withdrawal form with your required signature in order to withdraw from all courses, or your last and only course. Before completing your withdrawal paperwork, it is important to discuss your options with your academic advisor and the Financial Aid Office, if you are receiving financial aid. Official Withdrawal paperwork must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Emails of forms and forms will be effective based upon the original email or postmark date.

Please Note: Military and Veterans will need to meet with a Veterans Coordinator in the Veteran and Military Resource Center prior to submitting your Withdrawal form.

Withdrawal Policies for Summer Quarter

Summer quarter at the University of Washington Tacoma is scheduled for nine weeks each summer. Students may register for A-term, B-term, Full-term or a combination of the three.

Full-term courses are held during the entire nine weeks. Courses held during the first four and a half weeks are considered "A-term." Courses held during the second four and a half weeks are considered "B-term." Withdrawal deadlines depend on whether the course is identified as an A, B or full term course and whether you are registered for only A-term, B-term or Full-term of the three course types.

Summer Full-Term Course Withdrawals

The last day to withdraw from Full-term courses. No Official Withdrawal forms will be accepted after this date.

Summer A-Term Course Withdrawals

A-term courses begin the same day as Full-term courses. No withdrawals are accepted twenty-four calendar days after the beginning of A-term courses. (The last day you may drop an A-term course if you are also enrolled in B-term courses is twenty-one calendar days after the beginning of A-term.) 

Summer B-Term Course Withdrawals

B-term courses begin the day after A-term ends. The last day to withdraw (dropping all courses) from B-term is on the Friday of the eighth week of the quarter. No withdrawals will be accepted after this date. (The last day you may drop a B-term course if you are also enrolled in Full-term courses is twenty-one calendar days after the beginning of B-term.)

Transcript Entries

If you totally withdraw from a quarter within the first two weeks, the courses for that quarter are not recorded on your UW Transcript; however, the withdrawal and the date is recorded and posted to the transcript. After this deadline, each course will be listed on an undergraduate's transcript with a "W" grade.

Summer Term Transcript Entries

During summer quarter, withdrawals shall be entered on your permanent record as follows:

  • For Full-term courses, during the first fourteen calendar days of the quarter only the date of withdrawal is recorded.
  • For A-term courses, during the first seven calendar days of the quarter only the date of the withdrawal is recorded.
  • For B-term courses, during the first seven calendar days of B-term only the date of withdrawal is recorded.

After these deadlines, the courses will be listed on an undergraduate's transcript with a "W" grade. Courses will be listed on a graduate or professional student transcript with only a "W" grade.


Students who withdraw may be entitled to a refund of all or a portion of the tuition and fees for a given quarter depending on the time of the quarter the withdrawal is completed. If you drop all of your courses, you will be charged a Change of Registration Service fee beginning the eighth calendar day of the term or quarter.

Tuition owed will be based upon the date the complete withdrawal is recorded at the Office of the Registrar,i.e., the date the Official Withdrawal form is received in person, the date the last course is dropped, or the postmark date for withdrawals received by mail. If you withdraw, the amount of the U-PASS fee to be refunded is based on the date of withdrawal and follows the tuition forfeiture schedule.

Withdrawal by International Students

International students who wish to withdraw from the quarter can do so through MyUW anytime before the quarter starts through the end of the first week of the quarter. Beginning the second week of the quarter through the last day of instruction, international students must complete a Official Withdrawal form and receive permission from an International Student Advisor in order to withdraw from the quarter. Please see the International Student and Scholar Services website for more information about withdrawing as an international student.

Withdrawal by Newly Admitted Students

New students who withdraw prior to the first day of the quarter or within the first two weeks of the quarter invalidates your status as a continuing student. You must submit a new admission application online through the Office of Admissions by the published application deadlines for each quarter depending on your admission type (freshman, transfer postbaccalaureate, graduate, international). Review your registration eligibility in the registration deadlines section on the Academic Calendar for details.

Withdrawals for Two Consecutive Quarters

Both undergraduates and graduate students who withdraw during the first week of two consecutive quarters (summer quarter excepted) will not be eligible to register as a continuing student for the third quarter. For example, if you withdraw during the first week of winter quarter and spring quarter, you must follow the returning former student process in order to register for autumn quarter. To re-enroll at the University, undergraduates will be required to submit a Returning Student Application to the University and will be required to pay all applicable admission fees.

Note that withdrawing from one quarter and not attending/not registering for classes the subsequent quarter constitutes an absence of two consecutive quarters, which triggers the need for a Returning Student Application for undergraduate students.

Complete Withdrawal/dropping ALL courses

Official Withdrawal Form

Complete withdrawal from the University for a registered quarter (dropping all courses for the quarter) It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from all courses if he or she is unable to attend. Students may withdraw on MyUW through the unrestricted drop period. Beginning with the second week of the quarter, official withdrawals must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. An official withdrawal is effective the date of the last drop made electronically, the date it is received in the Office of the Registrar, or if submitted by mail, the date of the postmark.

Hardship Withdrawal Policy

Hardship Withdrawal petitions may be submitted for dropping individual courses after the 14th calendar day of the quarter or after the drop deadline for A- or B-terms during summer quarter.

You may petition the Office of the Registrar for a hardship withdrawal if the following apply: 1) you are unable to complete the course in question because of a physical and/or mental debilitation, or 2) unusual or extenuating circumstances beyond your control prevented you from dropping the course by the drop deadline (the last day to drop an individual course for the quarter).

Hardship Withdrawals will not be granted for course work that has already been applied to a completed degree. Petitions must be filed within one year of the quarter being petitioned.

Hardship Withdrawal Petition Instructions

Hardship Withdrawal Petition

In order to petition to drop course(s) after the "Last Day to Drop" deadline or the last day of instruction in the current quarter or to drop courses for a previous quarter, a Hardship Withdrawal Petition must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Petitions must be filed within one year of the quarter being petitioned. A separate petition is required for each quarter. Please read the instructions on the form and provide all necessary documentation before filing your petition for review. You will be notified, once a decision has been made on your request.

Hardship Withdrawal Petition Instructions


  • If you are filing this petition within two weeks of the close of the quarter you should first consider requesting and "I" (Incomplete) from your instructor.
  • Petitions for hardships over one years prior to the current quarter are ineligible for review: unless accompanied with documentation of inability to file within the guidelines.
  • Hardship Withdrawal petitions will not be processed once a degree has been conferred.

Prior to Filing

  1. You will need to file a Hardship Withdrawal Petition for each quarter being petitioned.
  2. Note that submitting this petition does not guarantee it will be approved.
  3. If you are requesting a complete HW during the current quarter, it is recommended you withdraw yourself from the quarter. See Academic Calendar for timeline.
  4. Students with F-1 visa status need to meet with an International Student Services Advisor to be apprised of any visa status changes due to hardship withdrawal approval.
  5. Hardship statements are required:
    1. You will be required to submit a statement clearly outlining the details of your petition and how your hardship situation affected your ability to complete your coursework for the quarter being petitioned.
    2. Your hardship statement should be brief and to-the-point.
    3. Petitions lacking statements are incomplete, will not be reviewed and may be returned.
  6. Supporting documentation is required:
    1. Your documentation must address how the hardship situation specifically impacted the course(s) under petition.
    2. Documentation must be on official letterhead and should include contact information for verification purposes.
    3. You will be required to provide your supporting documentation when filing this petition.
    4. For medical hardships, have your provider review the UW Provider Verification.
    5. It is the student's responsibility to supply sufficient medical documentation.
    6. If you have a death in your immediate family, submit a copy of the death certificate or remembrance from the funeral. Documentation clearly showing your relationship to the deceased is required.

After Filing

  • You will be notified by email of the Hardship Withdrawal Board's decision usually within two weeks after your petition is submitted.
  • If your petition is approved, your transcript will show the petitioned course(s) with a grade of "HW."
  • Grades cannot be restored once a Hardship Withdrawal petition has been granted.
  • No details of your hardship will be shared with anyone outside the Hardship Withdrawal Board.
  • For questions if your petition was denied, please review the Hardship Withdrawal Petition FAQ.

Note: Grades cannot be changed after a degree has been granted.

Military Withdrawal Policy

If you are conscripted into the Armed Forces or called to active military duty during a quarter in which you are registered, you may either request to be withdrawn or request to receive credit or grades. Note: The Military Withdrawal Policy does not apply to students who voluntarily enlist.

Military Withdrawal Guidelines:

If you withdraw before the end of the 7th week of the quarter

If you request to be withdrawn before the end of the 7th week of the quarter you may receive a full refund, if tuition and fees have been paid. You do not have the option of receiving credit or grades when withdrawing before the end of the 7th week of the quarter. You may send a letter requesting a military withdrawal or go to the Office of the Registrar to fill out a withdrawal card. A copy of your military orders must accompany any withdrawal for reason of military duty.

If you withdraw after the end of the 7th week of the quarter

If you withdraw after the end of the 7th week of the quarter, you may elect to use the above procedure and withdraw without earning credit but receive a full refund, or you may elect to receive credit and grades. If you choose to receive credit you may not receive a refund.

If you elect to receive credit or grades, you must send a letter requesting a military withdrawal or fill out an Official Withdrawal form. In either instance, you must attach a copy of your military orders. The Graduation and Academic Records Office will contact each of the your instructors requesting grades. You may elect to have numeric grades recorded as by the instructor, or to have them recorded as CR/NC (credit or no credit).

Your must also contact the Registrar's Office to request your withdrawal.

Returning from Military leave

You may apply to return using the Returning Student Application.

Petition to Withdraw After the Last Day of the Quarter

Petition to Withdraw after the Last Day of the Quarter

This petition is to withdraw from all of your classes after the last day of instruction of the "current" quarter and is used only if a student has not completed the final examinations for their courses and are unable to complete the quarter due to physical/ and or mental debilitation or unusual or extenuating circumstances beyond their control. Supporting documentation is required with this petition and must be filed promptly after the occurrence of the situation. Please read the instructions on the form for more details.

Withdrawing from the University

As long as you are not registered for any courses for upcoming quarters that you are not planning to attend. there is no paperwork that you need to formally complete through the Office of the Registrar. Some things to keep in mind, however, depending on your situation:

  • Make sure you have paid any tuition or fees you owe the University. If there are outstanding fees, this could result in holds placed on your records, preventing you from ordering transcripts.
  • If you are in a major or graduate program, please let them know your intentions of leaving and/or planned time to return.
  • If you are in University housing or planned to be in for a future quarter, be sure to contact Housing and Residence Life at court17@uw.edu or 253-274-9000.
  • If you are receiving financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office (uwtfa@uw.edu or 253-692-4374) for assistance with any paperwork you may need to do.
  • If you are an international student, please contact your advisor in the International Student and Scholar Services Office (uwtiss@uw.edu or 253-692-4762) to make sure there is nothing you need to do through their office or issues involving your visa and requirements.
  • Please be aware that the UW G Suite and/or UW Office 365 email & productivity platform account(s) and data that you create with your UW email address are temporary and will expire when you graduate and/or separate from the University. However, you will have access to MyUW for viewing your unofficial transcripts and ordering official transcripts and you do have the ability to forward your UW email to a personal, non-UW email address as a student and upon separation from the University.