Publish and Flourish 2020

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Publish & Flourish is an annual event co-hosted by UWT Library, Office of Research, and the bookstore that recognizes the accomplishments of our staff and faculty who have published within the past year.  Because of social distancing, we are not able to hold an in-person celebration at this time, but we very much hope to raise a glass with all of you in celebration at the first safe in-person opportunity.

Congratulations, we are proud of your accomplishments . . . 

School of Education's Julia Aguirre!  Read more here about the work Dr. Aguirre has done on Equity-focused mathematics teacher education!

SIAS's Benjamin Meiches! Read more about the work Professor Meiches has done on the complexity of genocide here.

SIAS's Emily Thuma!  Read more here about the work Professor Thuma has done to trace the making of anticarceral feminism at the intersections of struggles for racial and economic justice, prisoners' and psychiatric patients' rights, and gender and sexual liberation.

School of Education's M. Billye Sankofa Waters! "A critical care-informed community-inspired approach coupled with a loud love for Ms. [Lauryn] Hill’s artistry, this reader exemplifies how devastatingly profound is Ms. Hill’s creative genius and impact. Just as it had to be, the editors curated deep truths and intimate knowledges about Hip Hop, healing, Black women’s artistry, Black girls’ lived experience, sacred wisdom, and critical pedagogy." Read more about the work Dr. M. Billye Sankofa Waters has done.

SIAS Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs Professor Etga Ugur!  “This well-written and richly researched study provides an indispensable account of the public policies of two controversial religious movements—the Mormon Church in America and the Gülen movement in Turkey. It concludes that their differing political stands are in part due to their differing political and religious contexts. It is an important and timely study relevant to anyone concerned about the global rise of religious politics.”—Mark Juergensmeyer  Read more about the work of Dr. Etga Ugur

Milgard School of Business Professor Eugene Sivadas!  The omni-channel is different from the multi-channel. It recognizes not only that customers access goods and services in multiple ways, but also that they are likely doing this at the same time; comparing prices on multiple websites, and seamlessly switching between mobile and desktop devices. With the strong theoretical foundation that users have come to expect, Marketing Channel Strategy:  An Omni Channel Approach also offers lots of practical exercises and applications to help students understand how to design and implement omni-channel strategies in reality.  Read more about the work Professor Sivadas has done on omni-channels in marketing!

CAC-SIAS' Huatong Sun!  Read more about the work Professor Huatong Sun has done on social media design and reorienting universal design standards.  "Sun calls to reshape the crossroads into a design square where differences are nourished as design resources, where diverse discourses interact for innovation, and where alternative design epistemes thrive from the local."

SIAS Culture, Arts, and Communication Professor Beverly Naidus!  Read more about Professor Naidus' work, Not Just Words:  A 30 year Exhortation to Love and Resistance, about love that examines activism through words and images, and hopes to "generate[...] more energy for the resistance needed to shift things so that future generations can thrive."

SIAS Math and Science Division lecturer Theda Braddock!  Read more about Theda Braddock's work, Maryland Environmental Law Handbook here.  The first thoroughly revised edition of the Maryland Environmental Law Handbook in 16 years, it provides a comprehensive reference work that the reader can rely on for up-to-date and accurate information on Maryland's environmental law.  

Milgard School of Business Professor Haluk Demirkan!  Read more about the work Professor Demirkan has done on how AI can be used to augment human capabilities!   ". . . In this book, experts from industry and academia explore how innovative companies are leveraging artificial intelligence and intelligent tools to enhance and augment [the] human worker rather than replace it." Business Expert Press

SIAS Social and Historical Studies Division lecturer Cynthia Howson!  Read more about Cynthia Howson's work on the fledgling wine industry in China.  " . . . This book is informative and relevant for the here and now and will become a time capsule of the Chinese wine industry that relates a most fascinating period in its development-let us all bear witness and participate in its growth story!"  Janet Z. Wang

SIAS' Professor Emeritus Michael Kalton!  Read more about the work Michael Kalton has done on the anthropocene!  "Many books dealing with the Anthropocene, for good reason, are quite dark. I aim to avoid naive optimism, but to offer some realistic grounds for hope, the necessary fuel of meaningful agency.”

SIAS Culture, Arts, and Communication Professor Ed Chamberlain.  Read more here about the work Ed Chamberlain has done to address the ways that artists and writers resist the social forces of colonialism, displacement, and oppression through crafting incisive and inspiring responses to the problems that queer Latinx peoples encounter in both daily lives and representation such as art, film, poetry, popular culture, and stories.

SIAS Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs Professor Turan Kayaoglu.  Read more here about how Turan Kayaoglu's work "provides essential empirical and theoretical insights into Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) practices, contemporary challenges to human rights, intergovernmental organizations, and global Islam."

School of Social Work and Criminal Justice's Eric Madfis! Read more here about the work Professor Madfis has done on examining school violence in the United States.  How to Stop School Rampage Killing addresses key gaps in school violence scholarship through the examination of averted school rampage incidents in the United States and advances existing knowledge through ground-breaking insights from the latest research on mass murder, violence prevention, bystander intervention, disciplinary policy, and threat assessment in school contexts.